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PODCAST: Liverpool 4 Chelsea 1 - Match Reaction

What a night at Anfield. The Reds found the net four times, Darwin found the woodwork four times, and Conor Bradley produced a performance for the ages as the title charge continued.


Chris Smith is joined by Dan Thomas and TLW Editor Dave Usher to look back on one hell of a performance in which Bradley announced himself as a star of the present as well as the future, and Liverpool showed Todd Boehly that there's much more to building a great team than just spending more money than everyone else.


The lads also look forward to the weekend's trip to Arsenal and answer some more of your questions.



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On 01/02/2024 at 18:56, dave u said:

Completely fucked up my Darwin defence in this pod. I had it all planned out in my head beforehand and then talking about the penalty must have thrown me off, as I was meant to be using the header as my example but used the pen instead, which absolutely killed the point I was making.


I messaged Chris before asking why he didn't correct me and he said its because "you're always spouting shit about Darwin so I thought it was just that".

Incoming: the new presenter of the TLW Podcast… John Gallagher!

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