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Some thoughts on Liverpool 1 Leicester 0 by Paul Natton

1. That's a great result against the best side in the country. Nice one.


2. Benteke's goal was worked really well.


3. Benteke's missed open goal was breathtakingly bad though. I honestly thought I was going mad and couldn't see something obvious that he could when he didn't just roll it in when he received it. What happened next though... Seriously, international forwards just shouldn't be capable of that sort of thing.


4. Lovren had his best game for Liverpool today. He was superb and did everything you want a centre half to do. All those fundamental basics that were missing from our defending before Klopp are now being properly implemented by the same players. It was noticeable how he got round to cover for Sakho when challenging for high balls for example.


5. Clyne is a very unshowy but very consistent presence at right back. He already seems to have developed a reputation among opposing forwards as someone there's no point trying to take on because they all now seem to cut back and build again when up against him.


6. Hendo played well and picked out some lovely passes as well as putting himself about a lot.


7. Can continues to infuriate me. If he was half the player he thinks he is then we'd have Xabi and Stevie rolled into one. He just makes mad, mad decisions and is utterly brainless. That said, he never gets bullied and he never hides and so if he can learn to concentrate he might eventually be a player. Some of those errors though...


8. Firmino needs a massive kick up the backside. Lackadaisical doesn't even begin to do it justice.


9. This league remains mad. I know it's a ridiculous "if", but if Sturridge could stay fit we'd be a real threat this season, wildly flawed though we undoubtedly are.


Paul Natton


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