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How to Enjoy and Support Liverpool Football Club on the Web

There is nothing like going to Anfield to watch Liverpool on the pitch in real life. The excitement of game day cannot be beat, but it is unfortunately not always an option. In between our busy schedules, and away games, we need other ways to continue to enjoy and support our beloved team even when we cannot do so in person. 


Luckily the internet gives us an increasing number of ways that we can continue to be the best fans for Liverpool, either by participating and enjoying the actions, or showing our support in more concrete ways. Here are some of the sometimes surprising ways we can continue to fly our colours proud. 


Soccer’s Growing Presence in Web3


We should start with the newest possibility on this whole list. For many of you, this is probably a completely new thing to do on the internet. Web3 is the decentralized version of the internet enabled by the technology behind Bitcoin. This includes everything from the metaverse, to non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies. 


Soccer has been entering the metaverse in a big way. Some teams have been building their stadiums in the metaverse. Some teams have their official fan tokens, and some are even launching official governance tokens. This is to say that they are creating new ways for their fans to enjoy their team. 


Liverpool has been less active than Manchester United or Manchester City football clubs. This is not to say they are not making moves! Their main sponsor, Nike, acquired a virtual shoe and clothing company called RTFKT. This is a great opportunity for Liverpool’s potential expansion into the metaverse and NFT markets. 


Liverpool’s five-year deal with Nike comes to a close in 2025, so there is still plenty of time for this partnership to produce a clothing line or some other sort of collection of tokens. 


Showing Concrete Support for Our Team


Enjoying walking around a virtual stadium is a great way to enjoy being a Liverpool fan, but it is also nice to show some concrete support. The same way fans in the real Anfield Field lend their voice and lift Liverpool to victory, there are concrete ways on the internet we can lend our support. 


Betting on the team is one way to show real support. SBO will help connect you to the best online sportsbooks. They have spent hours creating nearly 300 reviews of these online sports betting sites. You can select your country, and they will make a list of great options for you. Plus, they will show you how to get your account setup, as well as give you some strategies to make the best sports bets. 


Another way to show concrete support for Liverpool is to show them some love on social media. If you follow them on Instagram and Twitter, it is a way to show them and your community who you support. Plus, you can retweet and like their posts, helping pump them up before their big games. 


When You Miss the Game on the Telly


We are used to watching the games of our favourite team on the television. Of course, we do not always go to the stadium for every game we watch. But the TV is also not always available.


Perhaps we are on vacation or we no longer have cable in our homes because we are more used to watching movies on the internet. This is where our trusty internet connection comes in. You can stream Liverpool games from a number of sites.


There will be few to no options for streaming these games free of charge. However, you can check out many pay per view sites that will let you stream the games right into your living room. 


While our laptop screens are technically good enough, it is a good idea to also have a connection to a larger external monitor. This is especially true if you are watching the game with some buddies. You will not all be able to crowd your little monitor so make sure you are investing in your friends and Liverpool, as they will make sure you never walk alone.

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