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Found 3 results

  1. Seems to be increasing exponentially, lads who are at best 'barely' scouse giving it the 'Ya mar' and 'Lad' treatment in public heighways for all to hear. Fuck off. Reminds me of my college days when someone asked a mate where he was from, when he said Huyton the girl said: 'Your not a propper scouser' to which he replied: '.....So?' The girl seemed genuinely baffled as to why this wasn't an issue for him! Another thing which pisses me off, living and socialising in Cheshire but being a scouser is the 'scouse solidarity' routine you get when you go out and encounter another one. As if somehow: (a) we should all stick together (B) everyone else is shit and scared of us and © we run this town we do.
  2. Popping my posting cherry to say congratulations to my very 'brainy' little Bro. Got his exam results today and got a first for the year (again!). Nice one Dirkus, very proud of you, you ginger-minged little twunt :tease: Hello to everyone btw, I've been lurking for years and feel like I know you all already. Finally registered and waited weeks to be activated, and now there's not one thread about beans on a fry up, purple aki, grooming or monkey-wars, typical.
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