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  1. Corky74

    Liverpool 2 Manchester United 0 (Jan 19 2020)

    never tire of the Goodfellas references
  2. Dave Stringfellow has a nice ring to it
  3. That sickness update from the 16th is one of the funniest things you have written Dave!!!
  4. Corky74

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 15-17 2018)

    Dave, by that logic, Steve Bruce is the mother of Mark Hughes?
  5. I remember watching Rabiot when PSG beat Barca 4-0 and he was ace on the night. The whole team were shocking in the 2nd leg when they lost 5-0
  6. Corky74

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 5-6 2016)

    Bril roundup as usual #usherfiles
  7. Corky74

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 31-Nov 2 2015)

    Ah Dave, I taught you were more of a Carly Rae Jepsen kinda guy #callmemaybe
  8. Hey Dave, if you hadn't said, i taught you produced the video #quality