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  1. At least we understand now why Lovren was always missing games through sickness, his kids must get everything.
  2. Tatty Lashes

    A Few Thoughts from the Match: City 5 Liverpool 0

    During the sending off, Henderson was on the sideline talking to Klopp instead of in the ref's face, which was disappointing.
  3. Tatty Lashes

    Liverpool 1 Man City 0 (Dec 31 2016)

    Enjoyed Milner having a right go at the main stand linesman when he waited an age to flag Sterling offside in the first half. Clearly shouted at him "why are you making me fucking run?"
  4. Tatty Lashes

    Liverpool 6 Watford 1 (Nov 6 2016)

    I thought the same thing about the Cubs too. As to who to drop for Suarez, it's obvious - Karius.
  5. Tatty Lashes

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Final)

    Couldn't see this or the semi-final one " [#10CCS21] We could not find the article you were attempting to view." Sort it out please, ta.
  6. Tatty Lashes

    Ten days to save himself = He's already done

    I did feel sorry for him reading his press conference quotes this morning - he believed in himself a lot more than we did so he had further to fall. Seems broken now.
  7. Tatty Lashes

    Skrtel rejects 'unacceptable' contract. So what now?

    If all the new contracts are based on this bright idea, it puts a new complexion on the way the manager stops playing people and 'disappears' them for months at a time. If these contracts are affecting team selection that's a much bigger problem than selling Skrtel.