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  1. amli

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    A piss protest will do the job. Everyone who turns up on match day drinks at least 2 litres of water before they enter. Boo and shout abuse at Levy and piss all over the stadium. Piss on the stairs. Piss on the seats. Piss on the bar. Piss on the doors. Piss everywhere but in the toilet. That’s potentially 60,000 people pissing two litres of piss each. 120,000 litres of piss once every two weeks. That should do the job. They can buy Nappy Keita off us.
  2. amli

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    Would have preferred Nathon Redmond.
  3. amli

    FAO Abs

    Claude passed away yesterday aged 58 just two days after he told his social media followers he would 'disappear soon to see my mother then you can all be happy'. He was my favourite from their YouTube channel. The racism issue and his subsequent banishment must have hit him hard, especially with all his previous struggles.
  4. amli

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Not really worried about the performance, all that matters is we bring back the 0 points.
  5. amli

    Other football - 2020/21

    " Lampard goes to Werner, who is getting treatment for cramp, to ask if he wants to/can take a penalty. He says no. " James Olley