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  1. 1 hour ago, Harry Squatter said:

    They love taking the moral high ground on everything. No doubt some Arsenal fans battered some 10 year old kid and his mum but there's no footage anywhere to be seen but the brave Evertonians took them all on with Class and Dignity. 


    Like that Andy Nichols bragging about slashing people, beating up teenagers and ending up in cells all across Europe but then still goes on about the redshite getting everyone banned from Europe. Even though he was a ticket tout selling them to Juventus fans in the neutral area at Heysel. 


    He was bragging about smashing up a ferry when they played UCD on that James English podcast.  Some Liverpool fan argues with him on Facebook about heysel.  The Liverpool fan brings it up and he just does a 180 and said it was a complete lie. Apparently the captain of the ship overreacted handing them back to the police and they were all well behaved. 

    I responded to a few tweets by blueshite about buses being attacked at Anfield. You can mention the burnt out Wimbledon bus, bouncing through an estate at millwall mob handed and punching kids even that nicholls balloon and one of two things happen. They block you or they mention heysel. Nothing but a bunch of hooligans and cunts. I doubt the arl fella who got bingoed the other night was an innocent party. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Creator Supreme said:

    I can't look at those pictures anymore, it's fucking heartbreaking.

    They’ve (rightly) had pictures of a few of the hostages taken and killed by hamas on the western media the past week. Funnily enough they never show the Palestinian kids who’ve been blown up in their own home or shot in the street. 

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  3. He’s doing the full Definitely Maybe album for the 30 year anniversary. Seeing him at the O2 with Cast supporting. Mate works for a bank and they get free shit off O2 all the time randomly so he’s taking a few of us to this as “clients” 


    2 days after AC/DC in Munich with my brother …. 

  4. I was Euston last night getting a train home and there was a group of Villa fans acting nobheads singing “you nearly won the league” at Arsenal fans. Obviously only lone fans or dads with sons the shitbags. Had some blues on a table infront of me and they all seemed sound to be fair. 

  5. 32 minutes ago, The Midnight Rambler said:

    Had quite that last 2-3 weeks


    Woke up with a sore throat, the next day turned into flu like symptoms. Only had the flu couple of times in my lifetime but I realise this is not a normal cold.

    I have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen in Cardiff and I'm meant to fly the next day. 

    I cancel the flight as I can't get outta bed. Luckily there is another flight two days later and lands two hours before the show. The flight is expensive but I don't wanna miss the gig. I can do this *fist pumps*

    Get the flight, still have a fever and feel generally grim. Make the gig, can't even face drinking a beer. Maybe Springsteen playing for over 3 hours is too long after all.

    I'm crashing at my sister's house for two nights. She doesn't have a proper bed for me and I'm sleeping on a camp bed from the 1930s. So no real sleep and still feeling fucking terrible. I now need to get my ass to Birmingham. I've collected a cunt load of extra baggage. Just carrying myself almost feels impossible. This is my Everest. 

    I make it to hotel. Haven't eaten properly for 3 days (or had a beer) just go straight to bed.

    Take the flight. Journey from hell. Actually feel like I'm dying. 

    I get home. My own bed, that's all I need. I'll be fine. I have absolutely no appetite and don't want a drink (can't remember going over a week without a beer, batshit) 

    Struggle to sleep over the weekend. I then wake up with severe pain in my hands and they have completely swollen and I can feel it starting in my feet.

    Go to the doctor fist thing Monday morning. I can barely walk. I didn't know it was possible to feel this unwell.

    I get rushed to hospital and put straight into intensive care. Stay there for two nights.

    I have a super rare pneumonia and spend another 3 nights in hospital. 

    Bit of a battle but get them to release me yesterday afternoon. At home now, feeling loads better. Apparently flying with pneumonia is crazy dangerous and probably why I felt like was gonna die.


    Fuck me I'm gasping for beer.

    Jesus mate sounds like hell. Birmingham? 


    Hope you’re on the mend fella 

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  6. 14 hours ago, John102 said:

    Just watching Carlito's Way, on Film 4.


    I think its fallen out of favour with me a little bit, as i used to have it alongside The Godfather. That being said, the pool scene at the start may be my favourite scene in any film. Its superb.


    Carlitos Way is a great film 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jurgen Knows said:

    You know me better than I know myself boss.

    The pain is you’re a racist a liar and a troll. 

    You can’t debate you’re just posting things the (rightly need to be seen) without anything else. 

    Just fuck off or come back as TK. He was marginally better. 

  8. 27 minutes ago, Jurgen Knows said:

    Of course it is disgusting.


    I still pray for him and Rico to get well soon though, for the sake of humanity.


    The two things shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, should they?

    You’re a fucking dickhead. You don’t care about Gaza you just want to have digs. Fucking do one TK 

  9. Just now, Rico1304 said:

    And we’ll never know. 

    Are Israeli hostages more important than Palestinian hostages? Why are they invading the West Bank? Why have they been encroaching and killing Palestinians for years before October? Come on Rico. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Jurgen Knows said:

    I hope against hope that both you and Ahmad Ali will one day recover from the seriously troubled mental states that you have.


    Get well soon.

    You can’t seriously not be disgusted at what Ahmad Ali did? 


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