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    Euro 2020 Round Up (Days 1-3)

    "If Russia were a premier league club they'd be Everton" Haha!
  2. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (May 23 2021)

    Cheers for all your work through this horrible season, great final round up. There were 4 things that would make this season a little less of a shitefest; 1) we qualify for Euro cup 2) Chelsea don't 3) Leicester win FA cup 4) Mancs lose UEFA 3 out of 4 ain't bad! Azpilawhatshisface surely in cunt XI? He's been a serial cunt for years.
  3. I dont think the team needs major surgery. This season has been a total nightmare, we have to hope we'll never see the like again. We are never going to be able to compete with City, Chelsea and to a degree Utd on transfer spend, but most importantly wages. City & Chelsea could both put two 1st 11's into the league and all 4 would have a fair chance of finishing top 6. They have built up squads of £40 million + players, and pay them all top dollar too. No one else can do that. This year aside, I think we've done as well as can be expected in the market with our level of ownership/funding. I personally don't want the club to be owned by unlimited money countries/drug dealers. We just have to hope that one day it's properly regulated, but I won't hold my breath on that one.
  4. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 23-25 2021)

    I'm starting to agree with you about Son, he was bawling his eyes out then not a minute later walking off the pitch absolutely fine! All an act. Also, along with Kane, one of the biggest overlooked divers in the division.
  5. Redlewie

    Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1 (Apr 24 2021)

    I'm not a statto, but this one can't be ignored. This year, at Anfield, we've had 146 shots, resulting in 4 goals. Embarrassing, shameful and humiliating indeed.
  6. This has been so hard for a legacy twat like me to get my head round. How can so many rich and powerful (and I presume very clever as the 2 normally go hand in hand) people fuck something so major up so comprehensively that they have to abandon it after 2 days? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I agree about FSG. If we were to campaign against them to get them removed, who exactly would we get in that would run the club better in the current football climate? Without major reform to the whole football structure, the answer as I see it is no-one. On Neville, I thought he spoke reasonably well although a bit overly emotionally on Monday night. Carra also spoke well in a more composed way, but I was disappointed that he didn't pull him up on those comments you mentioned. They were totally unnecessary and unwarranted. The club should have said something about it too.
  7. He's spot on. This whole shambles has highlighted the sorry state football was in anyway to people who maybe didn't know or want to know. Whether any good comes from it who knows, but I'd be surprised.
  8. Redlewie

    Leeds United 1 Liverpool 1 (Apr 19 2021)

    What an absolute nightmare of a season/year this has been. I look forward to your thoughts on the ESL, for what it's worth I think it's an absolute disgrace, and would think all "legacy" fans would agree. There's a lot wrong with footy, but this takes the biscuit.
  9. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Apr 2-5 2021)

    I was going to ask what that stood for, but decided I didn't want to know. Now I do but wish I didn't. What in the fuck?!
  10. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 6-8 2021)

    Him or Fernandes this season, they have both been incredible. Obviously I have to say I hate them... ...but fuck me would I love either/both in our team right now.
  11. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 6-8 2021)

    Things like "chimpleton" are why I'm still reading these! This year has been beyond shite for us, but sooner or later it'll get better. All we can do is grin and bear it until it does. We've had 3 pretty good years and I'm sure there'll be more to come. VAR will get it's reckoning, they're asking all club managers and captains to give feedback on it, can't imagine there'll be too many glowing endorsements.
  12. Redlewie

    Sheffield United 0 Liverpool 2 (Feb 28 2021)

    Haha, from now on to be known as "Scud".
  13. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 20-22 2021)

    Spot on. We all know we have suffered at the hands of these fuckers the most. We have differing opinions as to why. My view is pretty much what you have written here. We have suffered, yes, but so have nearly all teams at one point or another (the only blatant one I can think of against either Mancs was the penalty given for handball against Utd early on). I'm sure every teams supporters (bar mancs) could give you a list. These pricks have taken technology and used it to make them the stars of the show. They think they are the most important piece of the jigsaw. But as always with pricks, the power has gone to their heads and they are abusing it. I am sure it will end. It has to. When crowds are back in the voices will grow louder and it will all come crashing down. That's what I reckon anyway like. But I know fuck all.
  14. Redlewie

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    This is the national game, watched by millions in this country, tens of millions worldwide. We have hundreds of thousands of supporters. Newcastle, the most recent to suffer this shit, tens of thousands. The Mancs, who seem to be the beneficiaries more often than not, with a similar worldwide fan base to ours, there must be a fair few of them questioning it. I can't believe that a handful of scabby excuses for referees who've decided they rule the world can hold all of that, plus all the media, in the palms of their hands and laugh. Sooner or later it will be properly analysed and scrutinised. It just has to be, otherwise we are living in a country that is much, much worse than I ever imagined it to be.
  15. Redlewie

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    I completely agree that we are being screwed on an almost weekly basis by decisions. There are also other teams that have had some very questionable shit go against them, but we seem to be by far the worst hit. What I'm struggling with is why it isn't being screamed from the rooftops by anyone other than us. Why are the club not pointing it out every week it happens? Why is no-one in the media pointing it out every week saying it is unacceptable and has to end? It just all seems so unbelievably shit that you start to wonder if you're going soft in the head! I've been reading your stuff for the best part of 20 years because I respect, trust and generally agree with your opinions, nothings changed there. Keep it coming, we can't let these bastards grind us down. Everything is shite at the moment and the state of footy is compounding it, particularly for us. There has to be a point when all this will be looked at properly and sorted.
  16. Redlewie

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    I agree that we are getting a hugely disproportionate amount of terrible decisions go against us. Are we really saying that all referees, pundits, radio and tv companies have got together and said "this year, let's fuck over Liverpool"? There does seem to be free reign to allow biased comments against us that should be challenged but are being allowed. Lescott's comments after the game were a disgrace. Basically said about the pen "fuck them, they've had enough of those go for them over the years". Should have been sacked on the spot for that. I do want to know why nobody from the club is going apeshit about it though. I've never met Carra, always seemed ok to me and obviously loved him as a player. Maybe he's just trying to keep his job, tv footy punditry has changed greatly in a very short time. As for the actual reasons why we are playing so poorly, it's been covered many times in Dave's write ups. We all know it's an accumulation of shit don't we? Bobby, unfortunately the best thing about him these days is his song.
  17. Redlewie

    RB Leipzig 0 Liverpool 2 (Feb 16 2021)

    Interesting and encouraging game, not too much difference in the way we've been playing for most of this year, bar a couple. If things had gone as they have in the league we'd have probably lost that 2-0. It's a funny old game. I don't think I've seen Alisson have so much of the ball to feet, it was like they were doing it on purpose to rebuild his confidence. Glad you had something positive to write about finally, you were heading into pit of despair!
  18. Redlewie

    Leicester City 3 Liverpool 1 (Feb 13 2021)

    We are all fucked off for the many reasons you describe so well every week. What you write I'd think all on here agree with. I see us being fucked over more than most, but I also see other teams being fucked over in a similar, if not as regular, way. Why is this? Why is it being glossed over? Why are clubs not kicking off about it? Who is benefiting from it? Which teams are getting more or less of these decisions? How can it be a deliberate and conscious action against us and/or other sides yet be kept under wraps? The amount of people involved to carry this out, surely something would leak? If it's, as I've seen suggested, to stop us walking away with another title, to make things more exciting for the watching world, then how are City now walking away with it? Surely we should see them start being on the end of some of these shitty decisions to peg them back a bit? I don't know. It's an absolute frustration for sure. I have no answers for the above. I would like some. Apart from all that, we played well today, then imploded, again. That is a major worry.
  19. Ha, yes ok, maybe soul was the wrong word. Having never met him I don't know, but being as successful a businessman as he is, he probably sold it somewhere down the line.
  20. Some great points on here. Pundits are paid for their opinions. Some are better than others yes, but they are never going to please everyone all the time, so will always get stick all the time. On transfers, FSG have deservedly taken stick for the last window, they were far too slow/reluctant to act, but overall I'm fairly content with them. It's all about how you'd like your club to be run. For me, I can't think of anything worse than being owned by a middle eastern country or a Russian drug dealer etc, with unlimited money and no soul.
  21. Redlewie

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 31 - Feb 4 2021)

    Fabio Silva, a costly geek. Gave me a laugh! There needs to be a major review of all the shit VAR assisted decisions at the end of the season, it just has to be looked at. Who knows how many there's been already. Won't hold my breath though.
  22. Redlewie

    Liverpool 0 Brighton 1 (Feb 3 2021)

    Yeah, good point. I had a feeling I'd missed someone. Unfortunately he's easily forgettable.
  23. Redlewie

    Liverpool 0 Brighton 1 (Feb 3 2021)

    Horrible game. Certain players being below what we know is their best is something that can be worked on, but can't do anything about our injuries. It's unbelievable. Last night we had missing; Alisson Van Dijk Gomez Matip Fabinho Mané Jota 5, maybe 6 of them are in our best starting 11. Only teams owned by drug dealers or countries have the back up to cope with that.
  24. Redlewie

    West Ham 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 31 2021)

    A great away win, no bastard VAR or ref stitch up, nice touchline moment between player & manager. We ride again.
  25. Redlewie

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 28 2021)

    Brilliant. The kind of performance we've been spoiled with for the last few years. Hopefully as you say, that's the corner turned. At last a report to do about a great win and we've still been stiffed by officials. What in the fuck is happening here? Milner, what a player. That one near the end when he was flinging himself into everything and ended up looping the ball into our box. Had me laughing and shouting "nooooo" together!