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  1. Your first two paragraphs summed up EXACTLY how i felt, never relaxed at all ! Plus after the final whistle, i said we'll get Dortmund, probably the best team in the competition but you're right, it'll be a much nicer tie with none of the nasty undercurrents. Great review.
  2. Marion

    Featured: TLW Diary (January 2016)

    Captions are brilliant!
  3. Marion

    Featured: TLW Diary (Aug 2015)

    Great stuff Dave, always my favorite part of the fanzine. Borini the Lion captions are excellent.
  4. Marion


    When is Gerrard's trial, thought that was supposed to be in July ??
  5. Marion

    Liverpool FC and THAT Newspaper

    I was at that match and these hats were being given out outside the ground and when I was handed one, I handed it straight back.
  6. Marion

    Quiz is Anfield

    Any one know when the final of Quiz is Anfield is on LFC TV, can't find it on any listings.
  7. Marion

    My new pic

    Can I point out that I have a picture of the Shankly Gates on my bedside table and would have not problem with a picture of Kenny over the bed, though my husband, the Arsenal fan might have a problem with it !!
  8. My brother was just in HMV in Blanchardstown and they don't have it and said they don't know if they will get it at all.
  9. I was looking for cd in HMV in Dundrum today and didn't see it - I know it's not out until tomorrow but thought I'd look anyway. Can Irish Reds let us know if they see it for sale here. Thanks
  10. Marion

    FAO Red Paddies

    Got info on that Reds legend event. It is the Burlington Hotel and I have attached a link with all the info: http://www.cslhospitality.ie/uploads/documents/events/Legends%20of%20Sport_Liverpool.pdf If you have any problems accessing this link the crowd running it are CSL and their website is http://www.cslhospitality.ie
  11. Marion

    FAO Red Paddies

    Gav, Do you have any more info on the reds legend night in the Berkley Court with Newstalk, thanks
  12. I was just wondering if there was a service at Anfield this weekend ? Justice for the 96
  13. Marion


    I have never posted on this forum before though I read it regularly but I just got really angry about the comments re. overseasers just voting for the big names. I'm an overseaer who subscribes to TLW fanzine and rarely reads the official website. I think Carra has been IMMENSE this season and imo is the Premiership Player of the Year. I think Gerrard has been very hit and miss this season - his head is obviously elsewhere - even I, as an OOT can see that. Please don't tar us all with the same brush.