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  1. *sigh* Last sunday was just too good right? Vikings had to break own fans hearts this season too.... :(
  2. Phew! All those chockes down the years (and I've witnessed a few of them!) and then come up with that!? Man, how the hell to get some sleep now :)
  3. Oh my fucking god!!!!! I just died and came to life again! Holy shit
  4. Really fun following the Vikings these days. Only problem is that they will fuck it up sooner or later (missed FG in playoffs anyone?)
  5. 10pm tuesday is fine with me too
  6. The Lost Vikings are ready for the new season
  7. Cursed. Fuck it. I'm done with the Vikes and football in general
  8. Congratulations to Phil Simms Kings! A well deserved victory. (A. Luck failed in another big game...)
  9. Good luck BCM and Phil Simms Kings! I think you'll take the championship in the end, but I hope my Lost Vikings can atleast put up a fight. And of course thank you Kal-El for running the League!
  10. Arno

    Carlsen vs Anand 2014

    Well that was much better from Anand. Looked like he had really done his homework on that opening. Took Carlsen a bit by surprise it seemed. It will be very interesting to see what type of game we get tomorrow.
  11. Arno

    Carlsen vs Anand 2014

    Didn't get to see todays game, and only catched the ending of yesterdays. Very good start from Carlsen. Hard to see how Anand can even take a game from this.
  12. Yeah, Atlanta really hurt here, but still in it. And now Teddy is out too :(
  13. Only halftime but Teddy Bridgewater is looking really good so far. Go Vikings!