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Premier League Round Up (Jan 19-22 2024)


Short one this week as there were only a handful of games, one of which was ours and has already been covered. So four games to get through, starting with the return of my boy Ivan Toney against Forest.


Cracking game. Danilo volleyed Forest into an early lead but Toney levelled in contentious circumstances. Firstly, it looked like a dive by Damsgaard to win the free-kick, but the thing that had Forest so angry they wrote to PGMOL about it (I’ll get to this) was Toney moving the ball a foot to the right to give himself a bit more leeway to bend it around the wall and into the bottom corner (which he did, superbly).


It’s not just that he moved the ball, it’s that he waited until the refs back was turned and also moved the spray foam so it looked like the ball was where it was supposed to be. I’ve seen loads on twitter (most of them not Forest fans, some where Reds, bizarrely enough) really going after Toney and calling him a cheat. Fuck off you huge snowflakes!!


Is it cheating? Technically yeah. It’s also crafty, sneaky, clever, streetwise, whatever you want to call it. Good luck to him if he can get away with that. He probably won’t next time as there’s been so much hysterical whining over it that everyone is going to be watching him from now on. Toney himself said “you can move it half a yard either side and if I hadn’t scored no-one would care”. Can you move it half a yard either side? I don’t think that’s right you know but he seemed pretty sure of himself.


The ref doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head so it’s not his fault. And VAR isn’t allowed to get involved in something like that, so it’s not their fault either. The Forest players should have spotted it and moved the wall accordingly, but they weren’t paying attention and paid the price. Shit happens.


But then Forest, not for the first time, took their grievance to a completely unacceptable level and fired off a letter of complaint. Soft cunts. So many teams have suffered far worse than them but this is the second time they’ve leaked to the press that they’re putting in an official complaint. I’m embarrassed for them, especially as like I said, VAR is literally not allowed to intervene in this as it’s against the rules set out by FIFA. If anything they should be writing to FIFA. Never mind the PSR charges, dock them 10 points just for being massive babies.


A thumping header by Ben Mee gave Brentford the lead but Wood equalised from a Hudson-Odoi cross. Maupay won it with a really nice finish. He’s done alright since going back there, he’s got five goals now which means he’s reverted to the mean. He was always good for 8-10 goals a season until he ended up in the black hole that is Everton. He must feel like a released P.O.W. right now, just enjoying life again.

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