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Van Dijk : It is a great time to be involved with the club.

The festive period is often a time for giving, reflecting on the year that has just passed and look forward to the upcoming 12 months.

There is normally an all-round feeling of goodwill in the air.

In terms of the football side of things, this time of the season hasn't always been kind to Liverpool.

But when it comes to the present moment, barring a few injuries, things could barely be any better.

You could excuse any Liverpool fan for having that wide eyed look of excitement every time they see the team play, and then glancing at the table when they see the respective results fall into place.

It's clear that the infectious enthusiasm is not just exclusive to the fans in the stands, it has also spread to within the four walls of the club.

After the emphatic 5-1 win against Arsenal on Saturday evening, Virgil Van Dijk gave everyone a glimpse into what the players are feeling at his time.



The Official site (via BT) reported Van Dijk as saying:

“Anything is possible . That’s how we should go out there and play – anything is possible.

"You still need to do it on the pitch but we are on a good way and we feel good. 

"It’s obviously tough these days but it’s a great time to be a Liverpool player – and also a fan I think."

While it is hard to find things to fault a team which has won nine league games in a row, Van Dijk knows there are some areas to improve.

“We still need to improve a lot of things but obviously we’re very happy with the situation at the moment.

"We want to keep going and keep working hard and keep the intensity high, to make sure we keep doing well. 

"That’s the only thing for it.”

Perfection in this great game is almost impossible , however you have to applaud a team who want to keep searching in the pursuit of excellence.

Jurgen Klopp, Van Dijk and the rest of the playing group will be fully aware that no trophies are handed out in December or January.

There is plenty to play out in the next few months, and that sense of hunger and will to win needs to carry on.

However, you get the impression that the squad wont stop their way until they achieve their main goal.

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