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Van Dijk: It feels good to be part of the transition of Liverpool

Virgil Van Dijk has spoken about his excitement of being part of the next phase of transition under Jurgen Klopp.


The squad underwent a great deal of change in the summer with a number of senior players who had won plenty of honours with the club departing while young and talented players brought in to replace them.


The new players brought into the squad were part of a large scale midfield rebuild, and many fans in particular was hoping that it would also extend to the defence.


Despite the loaning out of some fringe defenders, there was no sale of a more established figure which would have led to a replacement coming in.


Last season was a incredibly difficult watch for a large part of the campaign before the Reds recovered somewhat to finish a respectable fifth keeping in mind at one point early in 2023, it looked like a top half finish would be a uphill battle.


One of those players whose standards had dropped was Van Dijk, and reflecting on his off season (per The Echo), the Dutchman said there was some good open dialogue about the path ahead along with some self-reflection.




“We are in a kind of transition phase with Liverpool. So of course it's nice to feel that the manager still considers me part of the new team, of Liverpool 2.0 so to speak. We spoke a lot in the first weeks of preparation. That showed confidence in me.


"I have spoken a lot with people around me in recent months. My wife is very important in this but I also have people at the club with whom I talk a lot.


“It starts with being self-critical as a football player and always wondering how things can be better. At the end of last season, I already noticed that I was improving.”


The club captain also reflected on his much-debated sending off against Newcastle which has also led to a charge of acting in a improper manner after being shown the red card.


“That was not typical for me but that was the red card anyway. I've never got one before at Liverpool, and I think only about four times in my entire career. But apart from that I still started the season well.


“I feel good and strong. I think it went well against Chelsea and Bournemouth. Despite the red card, the start was fine. I cannot wait to return.”




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