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Rodgers tells Suarez "Get your head out of the Arse"

Brendan Rodgers has said what every Liverpool fan is thinking and asked wantaway striker Luis Suarez: "Why would you swap Liverpool to go to Arsenal?"  


Suarez has angered and bewildered Reds fans by trying to force through a shock move to the Emirates, and Rodgers appears to be as puzzled as the supporters, adding "I am not sure that it adds up to be honest. Arsenal has a wonderful history in its own right, but Liverpool is one of the biggest clubs in the world."


“Okay, we might not be in the Champions League and haven’t been for a while now, but our competitors have grown around us and we have to step up to the challenge now. Would it be a mistake for Luis to leave? 100%." 

Rodgers claims that Suarez reaped the rewards from the team being set up to bring out the best in him and wants the controversial forward to build on a brilliant 2012/13 season in which he scored 30 goals in all competitions. "The team was built around Luis last season. I made some big calls to get the team to work in a way to suit his strengths and it is no coincidence he had a great season apart from the end bit. We would love to have him to continue the next phase.” 

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