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Report: New contract for Van Dijk seen as a priority


Virgil Van Dijk is viewed as an irreplaceable member of the Liverpool squad as they move into a new era according to a new report.


With the appointment of Arne Slot all but confirmed, the next point of business for the key decision makers with the clubs hierarchy is working out who is going to stay and work under the new manager and which players will be moving on.


In recent weeks a lot of the public discussion has revolved around Mo Salah’s future with one prevailing view that the club should not turn down the opportunity to cash in and any sale which would likely to be a club in the Saudi League could go towards a replacement.


But there in itself lies the issue as while Salah will be another year older (32) by the time the new campaign starts in August and coming off his most injury-impacted season since joining Liverpool, he is bound to give you 20 league goals and that is in a below-par season, not including his assists as well as helping mentor the younger talent coming through.


And as we have seen with recent examples of forwards coming to the club, it’s not easy to just come in and hit the ground running, a level of time and patience is required.


Van Dijk will be 33 in July and his performances while not at his imperious level, have been still very good and comfortably up there with the best central defenders in the league.




The current contract of the club captain runs out at the end of next season but according to Football Insider “It is believed negotiations will kick off within a week of the season ending  and keeping Van Dijk at Anfield has become the A1 priority as he is viewed by the club as irreplaceable.”


The player himself was coy about the issue following the 4-2 win over Tottenham on Sunday.


“I think there is nothing for me to discuss because there is no news, I think the club is very much busy with who is going to be the new manager and that is the main focus. Like I said I am very happy here, I love the club and you can see that as well.


“It's a big part of my life already, and that is all I can say. The focus is now on the last two and then the club will focus on who the new manager is and there will be a big transition and I am part of that.”




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