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Klopp: What we are doing at the moment is writing a wonderful book


Jurgen Klopp is not yet in the frame of mind to think too much about his impending departure at Liverpool, saying that there are a couple of more chapters to write on a fantastic journey.


Tomorrow afternoon at Wembley Stadium Liverpool resume their domestic cup final rivalry with Chelsea two years on from a couple of thrilling encounters which the Reds came out on top.


There will be quite a few stars that have either moved on, or will be missing through injury from those two showcase fixtures and when it comes to the West London outfit, a different manager too.


This will also be the last Carabao Cup final that Klopp will be involved in, although he hopes it is not the last trip to Wembley with the Reds still in the FA Cup.


Speaking in his pre-match press conference, Klopp said that his mind is truly focussed on what lies ahead at Liverpool and not direction his future career will head in as the Mirror reported




“We wrote and we are still writing a wonderful book and when I leave we close that book and put it on the shelf and then someone else will write a wonderful book. There is space for some (more) chapters.


“I am not there and writing the resumé already. Not at all. I am 100 percent in trying to create a few special memories on top of what we have done. We will see what is possible but the basis we created so far … come on, 60 Premier League points is an extraordinary amount of points with all the things that have gone on but we all know it should be 61 or 63. we all know that.”  (Klopp reminding the ensembled media he has not forgotten the farce that happened against Tottenham at the end of September.)


While Liverpool produced an outstanding display to dismantle Chelsea at Anfield last month, the manager knows all too well that this is a completely different occasion.


“Chelsea are a different animal since we (last) played them. They are much more stable. They have had very good results since then. There is no favourite in this final.”


Klopp knows the while the team will be missing some key members, the Reds fans will be in full voice to push them over the line.


“The red part of Wembley should be rocking. This team deserves it, this team deserves each push. These boys will throw their heart and soul on the pitch and the more we can give them the better it is.”


“We have had to prove a few points … that you can miss X, Y, Z players but still win games.”



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