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Klopp warns of excessive spotlight on young talents


Jurgen Klopp has pleaded for Liverpool’s next generation of talent to be able to focus on their own game and grow in an organic sense.


Jayden Danns continued the week of his dreams on Wednesday evening when he scored two goals while his academy teammate. Lewis Koumas scored on his first-team debut as Liverpool registered a 3-0 win against Southampton to move into the Quarter-Final of the FA Cup where they will meet Man United at Old Trafford.


Following the euphoria of Sunday’s dramatic Carabao Cup Final win against Chelsea, attention turned to this midweek tie, and just what sort of line-up the manager would be able to field.


Some of the heroes of that epic encounter were given the night off to recuperate, while the likes of Virgil Van Dijk and Ibrahima Konate shared central defensive duties with the captain starting and replaced by the Frenchman at half time.


Harvey Elliott who has made a name for himself as a impact-sub this season made his third start in a week and was tireless worker throughout, while Joe Gomez has taken over the James Milner tag of “Mr Fixit” this season and after being deployed across the back four, the 26 year- old played in central midfleld against the Championship outfit.


Speaking after the game, Klopp firstly wanted to address the discussion of his talented teens, and while being extremely proud of their rapid progress, wanted to emphasise that they are still on a learning curve as the Official Site reported.


“I understand 100 per cent but it's a little bit like with the new darts sensation (Luke Littler). It's fine for tonight, absolutely, but from tomorrow on leave the boys in the corner please and don't ask where are they now, where are they now, where are they now. They have a lot to improve, a lot to learn.


“They will have their moments and in the moment, with our squad situation, they will have more moments than they ever have expected probably, so that's one thing. The other this is their exceptional talents. Of course it's not natural that a boy, 18 years old, comes in that situation and he's just calm as you like and chips the balls there."


Screen Shot 2024-03-03 at 21.24.59.png


Klopp said there was never any timeline drawn up for the pathway to first team action for the academy players and the way it has panned out opportunity has come out of necessity and paid full credit to the coaches for having the likes of Danns, Koumas, Bobby Clark and James McConnell cherry ripe for their moment on the big stage.


“We were not involved in the timing, to be honest, too much because we had to use them because we don't have other players. I would like to say we waited five years and I saw them first time when they were 13 and I said, 'In February 2024, we will bring them.'


"We have a very, very good and a very close relationship with the Academy for the obvious reasons, you all know that – Vitor Matos. Alex [Inglethorpe], Barry [Lewtas], Marc [Bridge-Wilkinson], we have a really close relationship, we actually work in the same building, just on different sides.


“The way Liverpool wants to play is clear as well. On a specific day a few years ago, it was probably set up by me but the club needs to agree on that. I cannot stand in the Academy every day on the training pitch and say we do that in training.


“Everybody bought into that. It's the best news because it's not about how you play, because there might be different styles, different ways, but you have to make sure that these exceptional talents understand that a football game starts with defending.”


And in all of the years of being a manager and in his last few months of being Liverpool boss in particular, Klopp says he has experienced a first.


“It is for me strange as well, I never had that before – that you play with that many kids and still can win football games. It's a really interesting experience, to be honest. Close before the finishing line, I saw that as well, so I'm really thankful for that.”


And whoever takes over as manager, let’s hope this legacy which has been put in place so specifically and expertly goes on to replicate many more nights like this.

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