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Klopp: Virgil is the unquestionably the best defender in the world

Jurgen Klopp has unequivocally hailed Virgil Van Dijk as the best defender in World Football.


While it is not the first time the manager has complemented his captain in such glowing terms, it is the fact that the Dutchman is still seen in that high esteem which is noteworthy and full credit to him.


For the reason being that like many players in the Liverpool squad, Van Dijk had a substantial dip in his elite standards last season, and there was genuine questions whether we would see him back at his imperious best as he was during the golden era of the Klopp reign.


Granted, Van Dijk’s general standard is so high that even a below par season for him would tick the boxes for many of his modern day contemporaries, but not for someone as professional and proud as the 32 year-old.


With the departure of Jordan Henderson to the Saudi League and James Milner to Brighton, Van Dijk took over the great honour of taking over the captains armband.


Leading the team out on a regular basis along with a injury-free pre-season and a squad freshen up has seen Van Dijk produce the kind of Football that Liverpool fans have been accustomed to since his arrival from Southampton half way through the 2017/8 season.


Not that Klopp had any doubts as he spoke about his captain on the eve of Saturday’s early kick-off with Crystal Palace (per the Mirror)


“It always was and will always be; Virg is the best defender in the world.




The manager cited other examples of other elite defenders who may have had a slight blip but they always responded.


“Did he have lesser good spells? Yes. If you show me one player who never had that, I will be really happy to meet him. To be honest, probably that’s how we all are.


“When we look back in the past and the Rio Ferdinands on the planet, not to blame him, but were they good all the time? Or Jaap Stam, Sami Hyypia, or whoever?


“Were they always perfect? Nobody was and nobody will be. So, yes, Virg in that shape is for us super, super, super-important.


“With Virg, everything positive I said in the past, we can say again because I still think exactly the same.


“Everybody can see Virg is back and it’s obvious. Thank God!”










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