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Klopp: The people involved with Liverpool make the club what it is


Jurgen Klopp believes that whoever takes over from him in the summer is coming at the perfect time to write their own chapter at a wonderful club.


Despite being such a transformative figure during his tenure with the Reds, Klopp has never been one to take all the plaudits, insisting that he is just one person playing their part at a club in their quest for ultimate success.


When the shock news came that the German would be departing the club in the summer, the obvious questions by the fans was, what comes next, and who would be that person to take over from the iconic figure?


A daunting proposition to most, but as the man explained at his regular Friday pre-match press conference (per the Mirror, ) that timing is everything.




“I really think it is the perfect moment for a new manager and not the wrong one because we didn’t win everything, we left spaces. Go at City after Pep Guardiola and you need to be champion ten years in a row to achieve the same.”


Those who have been in the inner sanctum at Liverpool, be it former managers or players often describe it as a unique and special club.


There are many examples of that over the years and Klopp reflected on those who came before him and his own journey.


“The people here are different. The people gave Bill Shankly the chance, and what came after Bill Shankly, and they are all bigger than we are, and the people will understand in the end that this was a fantastic time and we all enjoyed it like hell.


“What a ride. But I am 100 per cent sure that what they learned over the years is if we trust and we push then everything is possible. This team will attract top class managers, 100 per cent.


“I came in at the right moment because it got lost a little bit and maybe I was the one who helped everyone to understand again how important it is. The club is special. Not because of the buildings – other clubs have nice stadiums – but because of the people.”



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