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Kelleher: I have always believed in my own ability


Caoimhin Kelleher has had to bide his time but he is now showing the footballing public the great qualities he possesses as a goalkeeper on a consistent basis.


There is often no middle ground being a keeper, you can either be the hero or the villain. where all fingers are pointed.


It is a harsh predicament and for those who are not yet established as a number one option, quite a cutthroat occupation as any mistake could quite easily see them lose their spot in the first team and in some cases there is no way back for them.


And for those who serve as backups to the senior keepers, there is lot of sitting idle on the bench on matchdays observing proceedings.


For those Liverpool supporters who have closely observed Kelleher since making his senior debut for the club in September of 2019, one thing has clearly stood out which is his unflappable nature.


No matter the occasion, be it playing under the bright lights at Anfield, on the European stage or at Wembley Stadium facing a penalty shootout in a Cup final, the emotional state of Kelleher emotional state never seems to change.




As the Irishman said (per the Echo) that is just in his nature.


“I don’t know why, it’s just my personality.


“I am quite relaxed off the pitch and on it, I trust in my ability - and I’ve always believed in the ability I have.


“I suppose I take that belief with me and try to show my personality out there. It’s important that you have the ability to stay level-headed as a goalkeeper because you need to make good decisions in a split-second.


“You need to be able to stay calm if you are to make those right decisions. I don’t get overly nervous for games. That’s just my personality. I’ve always been quite calm - and it’s worked out well so far.”


The hamstring injury to Alisson Becker has allowed Kelleher to get the run of games he has craved and vindicated his decision to stay with the Reds despite many clubs showing interest in the 25 year-old over the recent seasons.


“It’s obviously been really good for me to get this run of games. It’s what I have been working for, to get this opportunity to play a run of games and get that rhythm. There’s been the added bonus of winning the Carabao and now going for more trophies.


“I am playing football at the highest level, going for the major trophies - and that’s what every player wants to do. I am really enjoying myself. The feedback I get from Ali and the coaching staff has all been quite positive. They know when to talk to me and when to just let me do my own thing. I know they’re always there and always positive with me. They also leave me be.”


“There were obviously discussions (last summer) because I wanted to play as much as I can. It was clear that because of the circumstances I was in, that I had to stay. Obviously I got this big opportunity, which can always happen. The manager did say that anything can happen like that”




True to the personality of Kelleher, he is not looking too far ahead  in terms of the impending departure of the manager who has played such a role in his senior career, or a potential Europa League final in his homeland.


Instead his one and only focus is in his words ‘to right the wrongs” of three weeks ago.


“It’s nice for us to be going back so we can right the wrong of that defeat. It’s the sooner the better for us. Maybe in the second half we weren’t as clinical as we should have been. We made a lot of chances and should have put the game to bed - and when you don’t do that then anything can happen.


“There was a feeling that we should have had it won. We were also a bit disappointed in our overall performance so we want to go back there and do much better. You need to take your chances."



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