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Elliott: We are a team in every sense of the word

Liverpool have prided themselves on unity and togetherness over the years and Harvey Elliott says that bond is as strong as it has ever been.


Ego can be a dirty word especially in a sport as high profile as Football with all the vast riches that seem to grow by the day.


That sense of entitlement can easily creep into the mindset of a squad and quickly destroy it if is not eradicated.


Liverpool’s iconic anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone is not just empty words, it is a way of life within the walls of the AXA training centre and at Anfield.


While competition for spots in a elite team such as Liverpool will naturally be intense, according to Elliott that does not mean that you lose your sense of empathy towards those who miss out as the Mirror reported


“Everyone takes responsibility: if someone is feeling left out you go sit with them or call them over. It's part of our policy: no one eats alone, no one is alone in the changing room or when we go for walks.


“We do everything as a team and it reflects on the pitch. It creates a real sense of team. Everyone in the team has achieved great things and you want to play a part and to have these world-class players around you, supporting you.




Still learning his craft but showing notable improvement season upon season, the 20 year-old is like a sponge soaking up any information he can from his senior teammates.


“Personally, having these high-profile players who have won loads of trophies and competitions is a dream come true to be learning from them. I'm so happy to be here and to put on a shirt and go out and play.”


Mature beyond his tender years, Elliott has put it upon himself to be a leader and in a clear sign of the changing face in midfield, he is the third most experienced in terms of appearances for the club (73), only behind Curtis Jones (100) and Thiago Alcantara (97).


“It’s a tough one to get my head around, being so young!


“But we know we all need to play our part. We want to step up this season and take responsibility and that's exactly what I'm trying to do each and every game. I'm trying to put in the performances and put the hard work in for the team and help others around me, try to bring them up if they are feeling down.


Clearly viewed as a first team regular, Elliott is in a good position to compare the start of this season from the last.


“This season feels different, the hunger and desire. We are just trying to bed them (new players) into the team and try to make them feel welcome as quickly as possible... trying to show them the Liverpool Way.


No better sentiment to end with.




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