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Daily Mail Hack says Suarez worse than Tyson

In a week in which the British media have been clamouring to show who can be the most outraged at the conduct of Luis Suarez, one man has managed to emerge from the pack as by far and away the most hysterical, nonsensical whopper in his field.  


That man is the Daily Mail's Jeff Powell, who claims that Suarez's little nibble on the arm of Branislav Ivanovic (the didn't even leave a mark, let alone break the skin) deserves more severe punishment than the boxing authorities handed out to Mike Tyson after he bit a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear off.  Even by Daily Mail standards, this was pretty incredible, although this is the same man who last week claimed Margaret Thatcher 'saved football' so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.  Take a bow Jeff, you're in a league of your own.  

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de coubertins sports bar on the road above mathew street always have one game on. and the first national down b the dock road always has a couple on so well worth a look there every week.

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