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Beardsley: Coutinho better than I ever was

Reds' legend Peter Beardsley says that Philippe Coutinho is a far better player than he ever was, and could even go on to have the same kind of impact as Kenny Dalglish.  


Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO, the popular Geordie said: “I love Coutinho. He is outstanding and has unbelievable ability.  He’s better than I ever was and I really mean that. He’s miles better than me.


“If he stays here for a long time he’s got a chance of being as big as Kenny – that kind of stature.  I look at his ability and I think he could be the new Kenny Dalglish. He is a very special player.”


Beardsley was blown away by Coutinho's performance in Liverpool's demolition of Newcastle last season; “I watched him closely that day and he ran the game against us,” he explained.  “He has such a great understanding of the game. Good players like that know when to get rid of the ball. On the odd occasion he gets caught but not often.


“He’s very clever – he’s always aware of where his team-mates are and how they want the ball. Some of his passing takes your breath away and he has a great attitude as well.


“It was a smart signing by Brendan. I don’t think anyone saw it coming and he was a real bargain.  He’s very much a team player. Look at the pleasure he got from the goal Daniel Sturridge scored against Stoke last weekend. It was only a small thing but I liked that. He’s happy for other people.


“Players like that will give the ball away at times because they take risks. But even when it doesn’t quite come off, there is excitement among the fans because they can see what he was trying to do.


“A knowledgeable Anfield crowd have taken him to their hearts. They expect all their players, no matter how talented, to work hard and he certainly does that.


“He’s an interceptor rather than a tackler but he will run and run and put people under pressure.”


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