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Alexander-Arnold: Setbacks made us stronger

Trent Alexander-Arnold said that resilience is the key element that has made Liverpool reach the next level.

When you are looking to achieve the ultimate prize as a team and developing your game on a personal level, there are bound to be some bumps along the way.

The Reds have certainly suffered their share of heartbreak in the past few years, firstly in the Champions League final to Real Madrid in 2018, and then falling agonisingly close to ending the long title drought last season.

But the old adage that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger would be something that Alexander-Arnold abides to.

The Official site (via Premier League Productions) reported the Right-back as saying:

“The players that we have in our side have all had failures before, we’ve all had setbacks and knockbacks.

“We’ve really bounced back from there and got to where we are now and where we are as a team.

“The biggest example of that is probably the fact that we lost the Champions League final the season before and were able to use that as motivation to get back there and win it the next season.

“It’s something a lot of teams aren’t capable of, but we’ve showed that we are and we’re able to get better from disappointment.”



The evergreen James Milner also related a story in the lead-up to the unforgettable Champions League semi-final triumph against Barcelona that speaks along the same lines.

"I think the first game wasn't a fair result of the game but football isn't fair at times and when you've got that guy [Messi] on the other team it's very hard to run as fast as you can as well with your legs closed as I found out. He can make you look stupid.

“We had to pick ourselves up from that first leg - we had Newcastle away at the weekend going for the league, it was a tough game, they fought all the way and we scored late, hoping Manchester City would drop points in the next game then Vinnie [Vincent Kompany] scores a once in a lifetime slice into the top corner so we have to pick ourselves up again against all the odds really.

"It was one of those special nights at Anfield, the atmosphere was unbelievable and set the tone at the kick-off.

“Put all that together with what had happened a few days before, the Newcastle game, the defeat and having to pick ourselves up within six days says a lot about the club and the fans as well but the team and the character within it."

Another prime example of the resilience is how they have begun the new league season.

It has been a common trait of previous Liverpool sides in the last 10-15 years to have a big dip in form after coming so close and you only have to look at 2009/10 and 2014/5 for proof of that.

But this squad is on a mission, it is certainly not satisfied with what has achieved so far and wants to be the best it can be.

While there is a awful lot of water to go under the bridge, as a fan you just have to be awfully proud about what we have become, and what we aspire to be.


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