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Why Casino gaming is growing with Sports fans

Casino gaming continues to be on the rise. The online casino accounts 40 percent of the iGaming market in the United Kingdom and generates more than £5.7 billion in revenue each year. 


Most online casino players enjoy games from their mobile phones, they are also able to play from desktops, tablets and even smart televisions. The number of mobile casino sites and apps makes casino gaming very accessible to sports fans. 


While many choose to play at home, an increasing number access these games while travelling, while at a pub or club or when at a dog or horse race track. Sports fans enjoy many different activities of this type, including wagering on eSports competitions.


It has been noticed that many of the new players joining casino sites are individuals with an interest in sports and sports wagering. There are a number of factors that could be at play in creating this trend.


Around 9 percent of adults in the United Kingdom have placed a bet on eSports gaming competitions and the market appears to be growing at an average rate of 8.5 percent year. Younger players have a particular interest in eSports, with around one fifth of those aged 18-34 having bet on it.


Why do so many of those that place bets on eSports and sports also play games on online casino sites? 


The thrill and excitement of casino gaming


One reason for this trend is the sense of thrill and excitement that comes with gaming. These casino games have great interactive features, bonuses and high quality immersive graphics.


On casinos like Rainbow Riches, players can find fast paced, fun games like online slots to enjoy. There are a variety of other games to suit all interests from poker and blackjack to baccarat and roulette.


Sports fans usually have a preference for one or two sports, so outside competition and tournament times they have free time to visit online or land based casinos. Casino games provide that same mental stimulation and fun that they crave.


Sports fans are naturally competitive individuals


Whether they like to watch golf, cricket, football or tennis, one thing all sports enthusiasts have in common is their competitiveness. They like to win, achieve victory over their opponent and see constant improvements in performance.


Online casino gaming is great for those with a competitive personality. In games like blackjack, players are in competition with the house, while in poker they also compete with their opponents around the table.


The aim of each game is to win a jackpot. While the outcome of many casino games is highly reliant on luck, some also require the development of strategy and skill.


For example, being successful at poker in the long term requires a certain amount of skill. The best poker players will train themselves through watching tutorials, reading guides and engaging forums in order to refine their strategies.


The best players may decide to take part in online tournaments. Some professional players also sign up for world famous events like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour, these tournaments are even broadcast on sports channels like ESPN or streamed online for fans to watch.


Sense of community


Sports fans will feel a sense of community when spending time with people that support the same team or enjoy the same sports as them. The same is true in the casino gaming world, players will spend time bonding over games and gaming tips on online chats and forums, or even at in-person events.


By playing casino games, sports fans have the opportunity to meet new people and develop interests outside of sport.


Sports themed casino games


Lastly, one final reason why casino games are so popular with sports is the range of sports themed games. For example, online slots are one type of casino game that are themed around specific sports or sporting competitions.


One popular slot theme is football, there are games that use symbols and messaging from Premier League football. Another theme is Wimbledon, which is particularly popular with fans of tennis. 


For those who watch motorsports, there are rally themed slot games. These slots sometimes have mini-games within them that give the opportunity to enjoy a virtual version of the sport.


It isn’t only slot games that are created with sports in mind, other classic casino games have been adapted too. One unusual yet fun game that can be found online is a Darts casino game that is a mixture between virtual darts and the wheeling spinning game roulette.


Casino gaming continues to gain popularity around the world and sports fans are one of the groups that are driving the growth in this market. As the variety and accessibility of games continues to improve, so too will the number of players.

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