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What is Deemed a Successful Decade for Liverpool?

The start of the decade went off with a bang after Liverpool finally landed the Premier League title. They now have a decade ahead of them to add to that title, and the team in place has certainly been built to last, the idea is to win the league more than once.


But, with the world at their feet, what will be deemed a successful decade for Liverpool? Is it possible for this talented team to win the Premier League title again but still be described as underachievers at the end of the decade?


The expectations on this team at the moment are simply huge, and things are not going to be easy. Just what does this team need to do next year and beyond to live up to those expectations?


How Many League Titles for a Successful Decade?


The 2019/20 Premier League title win was the first, but the first of how many? Liverpool have the world at their feet, and it is unthinkable as a fan, but could they win further and be deemed a failure?


If we only see this team lift the Premier League title once more, will they remain one of the greatest? It is tough to think about, but if this team is going to get spoken about as a great, they need to lift another two or three titles over the next few years, maybe more.


In many ways, this team has already proven to be a success, in terms of how they have been built and how Jurgen Klopp has implemented his style. Over the next few years, the battle is all about adding league titles to give the players their reward.


A Team Built to Dominate


When young players are talking about retiring at the club, you know you have got something right.

This Liverpool team has not been built with one season in mind, it has been built to dominate a decade. First of all, when Jurgen Klopp arrived he instantly put in place his high pressing style of play, and made sure every player bought into that.


Then piece by piece, he added other players who would bring quality, solve problems, and more importantly, they also bought into his style of play.


This has all made Liverpool incredibly popular with fans around the world, and their games are watched by millions. With live streaming available, watching a game has never been as easy as it is now. Sites like 101 great goals help fans find out where the live streams are available to watch.


Will Others Try to Copy Liverpool?


This is almost certain to happen somewhere, even if not in the Premier League. The way that this Liverpool team plays and has been built over the past few years is something that the majority of the footballing world are envious of.


However, anyone who does try to copy what has been put in place will not find it easy. First, they need a style of play that is good to watch, one that wins and one that players are happy to buy into.


Then you need the right players for each position, and every time a player comes into the club, they need to be the right fit otherwise they risk ruining what has already been built.


The blueprint is there for those who want to try it, but what has happened at Liverpool is not going to be easy to replicate.


Looking forward to next season, expectations are high and why shouldn’t they be, this could be one of the greatest Liverpool teams we have ever seen. 

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