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What Are Betting Bonuses and How To Use Them

Betting on sports is popular around the world, and one of the best ways to get involved is by taking advantage of a welcome bonus after signing up for a new sportsbook. Welcome bonuses are offered by all of the leading sportsbooks. Available betting bonuses for Coral can be found on BettingBonus.online. But, what factors should customers looking to take advantage of welcome bonus bear in mind?


What is a welcome bonus?


Welcome bonuses are one of the ways that sportsbooks are able to stand out from the crowd. They will offer something in return for customers when they register an account and make their first deposit or place an opening bet. The amount that is offered is different depending on the sportsbook offering the bonus, and the terms and conditions will also differ.


However, all welcome bonuses are a must for new customers, as it ensures that they get something in return when signing up for an account online.


Types Of Welcome Bonus


As mentioned, there are a number of different welcome bonuses that customers can take advantage of online, but some of the more popular we will go into detail about below.


Matched Deposit


One of the most prominent welcome bonuses that can be found online is the matched deposit. This promotion is eligible for players to take advantage of when they first open their account and add funds to their account. Typically, it will see the sportsbook offer a 100% promotion, which will give customers double the amount of money to play with when making sports bets.


However, the terms and conditions are important reading when it comes to this offer, as there will be a maximum deposit amount as part of the offer. Therefore, if you exceed this amount, then you won’t get the welcome bonus.


Free Bets


Another of the most popular welcome bonuses that customers can expect to find when betting online are free bets. This is a prominent promotion, as bettors can get free bets to use on wagers after meeting the qualifying criteria.


Most sportsbooks will need customers to make a £10 wager on one market in order to get the free bets as part of the bonus. Once again, the terms and conditions are important before making your qualifying bet, as the sportsbooks will require the bet to be placed at minimum odds in order to get returns.


Risk Free Bets


The final most prominent betting bonus that can be found online is risk free bets. This type of bonus does exactly what it says on the tin, as customers will get their stake given back to them in free bets should their first wager be a losing one.


This has turned out to be a very popular betting promotion over recent years, with some of the leading bookmakers offering it. It ensures that all customers can have a positive first betting experience, without getting a losing bet. Once again, read the terms and conditions before taking advantage of this promotion.

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