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The Ultimate Liverpool Fans Sports Betting Guide

Looking for some betting strategy tips for the upcoming English Premier game between Cardiff City and Liverpool? We bet you are, and if you are a first time online punter you may want to read our ultimate sports betting guide for the Liverpool fan.


Here are some helpful sports betting strategy tips you may find helpful before getting those bets in. 


The Difference Between In Play Betting and In Game Betting 


Before you go head first into the water you need to learn to swim. The basics of live online sports betting lies within knowing the difference between the wagers. In play is far more active as bets are continuously changing throughout gameplay. This is because punters can adjust their bets as the game reaches half time or there is an ad break. Live in play betting has been said to be the most exciting as players only have a few seconds to make bets and adjust them.


In game betting is when you bet on the outcome of the game. It is betting on teams and players and predicting the odds. This method of wagering is tailored more to novice punters than seasoned sports bettors. It is much easier to make less irrational wagers as you have time to consider all possible outcomes and even discuss them amongst likeminded bettors. 


Betting on Odds


Betting on the odds of a game is another form of the most popular live sports betting strategies. You can get the latest football odds at Novibet and look at past wagers to get an idea as to how you want to place your bet, how past bets were wagered and what the odds outcome was on predicted odds of top matches. Currently, with the English Premier underway, most punters are already getting their bets in and this is on the odds of the game. 


Sports Betting Tips, Forecasts and Predictions 


A very important piece of advice is to look forward to professional sites for forecasts and likelihoods. These calculations are based on previous stats, game plays and player’s strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind there are professional punters who make these predictions and then there are amateurs. It is best to follow up on these punting tips before placing real cash wagers on them as they could very well be set up to trick wagers. Luckily there are forums dedicated to discussing these odds and predictions, where you can rely on your source of information. 


Understanding Sports Betting Terms 


Finally, and this we should maybe have begun with, but live sports betting speaks a language of its own. To know what you are betting on you should understand the terms used. The internet does provide a glossary, so make use of it. 


Get your sports bets in before one of the biggest matches of the year begins. Learn both teams strengths and weaknesses, how to bet on the teams and discuss it amongst other players for the best possible winning outcome. 

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