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The Best Football Betting Tips for Today on Twitter

If you’re looking for the most convenient way to find football betting tips for today, Twitter might just be the right platform for you!


With over 200 million active users on Twitter, it has become a powerful social media platform able to reach millions of people around the world with the news, trends and personal thoughts—in just an instant. 


You can get the latest betting tips of the day on an hourly basis on Twitter as well as compare the betting tips given with other football betting tipsters on the platform. 


To find the best football betting guide, here’s a lineup of the best Twitter accounts that you should follow: 


1  @FootySuperTips


First in our lineup is one of the best football prediction sites, FootySuperTips, a platform aiming to inform sports fans of the latest news and give expert insights and predictions on all things football. 


Just like their main website, FootySuperTips’ Twitter account aims to give frequent updates on the daily football betting tips through live streams, Twitters posts and threads, helping their audience to gamble responsibly. 

2  @footballtips

If you’re looking for free football betting tips from experts, following Footballtips’ Twitter account is a must. 


Receive notifications on the latest tips and predictions on all things football on a daily basis and successfully place your bets on the winning team!


3  @FreeBetTips


Interested in basing your football predictions on computer algorithms? FreeBetTips’ AI-generated football predictions and tips are a great way of keeping up to date. 


Follow FreeBetTips’ Twitter account to get hourly updates on football the latest news and plan your next bet strategically. Rather than betting hard, it’s better to bet smart! 


4  @JamesMurphyTips


Professional gambler and expert football betting tipster, James Murphy, has his very own Twitter account named JamesMurphyTips is a great way to keep up with daily football predictions. 


With a proven success rate, following James Murphy’s well-researched football betting tips is a great way to learn the trade and gain insights from a seasoned professional football gambler. 


Claiming to have turned “£25 into £1k more times than Cristiano Ronaldo has had his eyebrows waxed”, following JamesMurphyTips can be your best bet on winning big. 


5  @FootyAccums


FootyAccums, the #1 free football betting community in the UK brings has a Twitter account under the same name, posts the latest football news, forecasts, tips and trends on a daily basis. 


FootyAccumes helps facilitate the online football betting community as well as aims to ensure everyone’s safety by promoting responsible gambling. 


Throughout the years Twitter has become a widely used online platform to share the latest and newest trends and information. 


As a result, football tipsters have utilised this platform and successfully built football betting channels that are incredibly helpful for football fans out there. 


To learn how to strategically place a bet, all you need to do is follow these football betting tipsters. And remember, to get the best betting tip of the day, cross-check between different Twitter accounts to ensure that all bets are safe!

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