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Betting on Liverpool: How do you find the top football betting sites?

If you are a diehard Liverpool fan, you must have bet on the team a few times. Maybe you are thinking about placing your first bet, or you are a professional at it. Regardless, it is essential to choose a good betting site. 


That means you shouldn’t join bookie sites simply because they are popular. Even if a site works well for the masses, it might not be the best fit for you, so don’t blindly bet where everyone else bets. Instead, use the following criteria to find a bookie that fulfils all your expectations. 


#1: Choose a Local Bookmaker


You might have seen an advert inviting you to bet on a foreign bookie not approved by the UKGC. Many of the companies are genuine but their lack of a license to operate in the UK should be a red flag.


They may promise enormous bonuses and competitive odds, but you’ll get better services from UKGC bookies. For instance, you get an assurance your bookie can’t close down with your money. You also get a place to complain if you notice other anomalies from some betting sites.


Betting companies operating in the UK without a UKGC license are illegal anyway, so using them will be going against the law. Scour the internet for several companies with Gambling Commission licenses and evaluate them for the following features.


#2: Competitive Odds


Betting companies are in the business of making money but so are you. Fine, you probably bet for fun and to earn beer money. But that doesn't mean you can't try and maximize your profits. Start the search for high-value odds with your favourite bookies. 


Move over to bookies you know but don't use anymore before checking out new casinos also. The idea is to conduct an exhaustive search for high-value odds no matter which UKGC bookie is offering them out.


Of course, you must have a strategy of what wagers you want. If you love OVER/UNDER bets, examine bookies for these odds. If you prefer to place money line bets, dig around to find a few sites worth using. Read more here if you want to learn about all football wagers and how they work.


#3: In-Play Betting


In-play betting is the ''it thing' among football bettors. Put simply, in-play betting involves wagering on a team while a match is live. You can place your wager one minute after the game commences or in the 90th minute. As long as the game is still live, you can try your luck with a live bet.


The best part about live betting is that you can watch a game while you also follow your bet. That means you can analyse it better and predict what is about to happen. If after fifteen minutes you think Sadio Mane will score before half time, you can go ahead and back them to score.


Take notice, however, as in-play odds fluctuate fast. At the start of a match, the odds for Liverpool to beat Chelsea at the Kop could be 1.70. But should the reds score two goals within 30 minutes, you can be sure the odds will drop to 1.30 or worse.


#4: Intuitive Website and Apps


Competitive odds are great, but you also need a betting app or website that makes it easy to place bets. It should load fast, be easy to navigate, deposit, and withdraw money. That means you need to work with a bookie that has round the clock technical support for its website and app.


Evaluating bookies' website is fortunately easy. All you need to do is to use a few sites at different times of the day. Place a wager during peak hours. If the website crashes or gets slow, you shouldn't rely on it for major bets.


#5: Bonuses and Free Bets


A free bet can serve many purposes besides helping maximise your profits. You can use it to place risky bets or test a new betting strategy. It can also help minimise your reliance on a bankroll. So, if you find a bookie that gives out bonuses regularly, claim them all.


Unfortunately, many bookies are mean with bonuses. They might give you a welcome reward to celebrate your first bet with them. But after that, you’ll hardly receive any freebies. Don’t give up on finding football free bets, though. 


It might mean you create accounts on multiple betting websites. But if the effort rewards you with £200 worth of free bets, it will be worth it.


#6: Quality Banking Services


Although you want to find a bookmaker that supports your favourite payment options, ensure the bookie offers quick payments. It's one thing for a bookmaker to let you use PayPal for deposits and withdrawals. It's a new thing for the betting site to process your wins fast.


Many betting websites accept all the popular e-wallets out there. They also allow credit cards and bank transfers. Choose betting companies that don’t charge you to deposit or withdraw money. Also, find out about the payment limits so that you are not restricted with unreasonably high minimum withdrawal limits.


#7: Reliable Customer Support


One sad fact every veteran betting fan can admit is that bookmakers struggle to provide reliable customer support. Even the best-rated bookies have accusations of ignoring customer queries.


Remember, bookies are not to blame at times. Some people lose bets but still feel the need to complain. Others make mistakes while betting only to admonish betting websites. However, many companies willingly ignore customers' complaints. These are the bookies you should avoid.


Read online reviews to learn about bookies’ reputations. You want to join a website where you feel valued and where your complaints are resolved quickly.


To Conclude


If you are thinking of finding a new bookie website, use the tips shared above to spot the right company. Don’t settle for the first bookmaker you come across. Try the services of a few companies and compare them. You’ll get to experience different services and decide which one suits your needs the best.

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