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4 Web Design Trends for Gaming and Gambling Sites

Every business these days has a website. And in the sea of the internet, it’s crucial to stand out if you want to attract customers. 


The best way to stand out is, of course, to have the best-designed site that people will enjoy using. So if you’re running a gaming or gambling site, here’s a list of trends for the year that will help you get that edge over the competition.


Dark Theme


You might think that something flashy and very in-your-face is the way to get people to notice your site, but you need to remember that you also want them to stay for as long as possible. This is where dark themes (or at least dark mode options) come into play. 


They are easy on the eyes, straining the muscles less, so your customers can spend hours looking at the screen without feeling exhausted. This will boost your retention rates and help you rate higher on searches, as well. You don’t have to go all black, just avoid bright whites and flashing symbols once your customers are in. Not to mention, dark websites look a lot more elegant and polished, so give off a sophisticated look with a darker theme.



Simple to Read


Nobody wants to spend their time looking for the information they need. The things you want your customers to focus on should be a top priority on the site, but you also need to make sure that all of their frequent questions are easily answered.


The folks at Bucky Bingo did a good job at this by putting all of their games neatly on the top of the site, so people can easily navigate to any of them. This is a simple way of marketing all of your offers to someone who might have just come there for a specific thing.


Virtual Reality


People who want to immerse themselves in gaming or gambling often want to feel like they are in an entirely different world. Luckily, with the help of technology today, we can put people in virtual reality, making them really feel like they are in a different world. This will burden your website quite a bit, so make sure you hire professionals who can compress it enough to allow your website to still run smoothly.


Good Copywrite


When you have a website that is supposed to keep people there, you need to give them plenty of things to do, read, and see. This means having a good copywrite that will fill your site. That means having a lot of well-placed text, images, videos, and everything else to give information and retain attention, leading to more PPC. Hiring someone who really knows the topics and can write interesting paragraphs is crucial - especially if your clients need to wait for a period of time between games and you don’t want them to leave!


So whether you’re running a website or a business, you need to keep up with the trends and demands to ensure you stay relevant and have your spot in the industry. By following these four tips and getting a web designer who is passionate and knows what they’re doing will make your website shine!

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