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"The opening of the Kop (1928-29)" by Steve Horton

The Kop, the most famous terrace in the world was opened in a special ceremony some 35 years before it became a household name. It meant a welcome relief for the supporters who had often been exposed to a biting wind on the original structure.

The first Kop was built in 1906, but by the mid 1920s the board realised that only the poorest or most hardened supporter would stand there in the depths of winter. So they decided to build a roof and replace the old cinder terraces with concrete steps.  The work was done during the close season of 1928 and provided cover for 28,000 spectators, who were now stood under the largest single span roof structure in the UK.
Football League President John McKenna, who had been instrumental in the foundation of Liverpool FC, was invited to perform the opening ceremony, where he unfurled a special flag on the pitch fifteen minutes before kickoff.  When the game began it took just 50 seconds for us to find the net, Albert Millar heading in Dick Edmed’s corner. Millar added another in the second half and Albert Whitehurst also scored in a 3-0 victory.



Season:  1928/29
Opposition: Bury
Result: 3-0
ScorersAlbert Millar (2), Albert Whitehurst
Venue: Anfield



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