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Best Liverpool Players of All Time

Liverpool are one of the greatest names in world football. This is proven both by their memorable domestic victories and their European clashes with the rest of football’s giants. But the greatest proof for this is Liverpool’s illustrious pool of talented former players.


Liverpool fans are known for their fiery spirit which comes from their favourite football club. However, they are much less decisive when it comes to choosing the team’s best players.


And with the number of legends constantly on the rise at Anfield, you are in for a treat, no matter which ones we’ve chosen.


#5 - Luis Suárez


The Uruguayan is known for his famous, or should we call them, infamous transfers. He arrived at Liverpool in 2010 after a biting incident saw him leave Holland, and stayed for a couple of seasons until a third biting incident ended his time in England.


In between he'd sunk his teeth into an opponent for a second time and also served a lengthy suspension after being ruled to have racially abused Manchester United's Patrice Evra. When he wasn't suspended he was simply incredible, with his skill, goalscoring ability and incredible win at all costs mentality making him a hero on the Kop.


His transfer to Barcelona turned out to be a hot topic. More speculations had been made about his contract than the latest odds on the Bet365 promotions.


#4 – Robbie Fowler


Fowler secures his place on our list back based on his performances when he first started playing for Liverpool. After a 4-year absence, he returned to Anfield again and didn't embarrass himself, but never reached the levels he's shown as a precocious young talent.


Fowler scored all manner of goals and was widely regarded as the most natural finisher English football had witnessed since Jimmy Greaves in the 1960s. This incredible natural gift earned him the nickname “God”.

#3 – Ian Rush


The third footballer on our list is the Welsh goal-scoring machine, Mr. Ian Rush. 


Rush played during Liverpool's most successful era and he was a big reason for their success. He was also known as the greatest scorer of his time, with good reason. Blessed with searing pace and a cool head in front of goal, Rush struck terror into the hearts of defences all over Europe in the 1980s.


He was voted in third position on the official Liverpool fans poll of the 100 players who shook the kop.


#2 – Kenny Dalglish


‘King’ Kenny made quite an impression during his professional football career. He was a star at Celtic but elevated his game to another level after moving to Anfield to replace outgoing superstar, Kevin Keegan. Dalglish not only replaced Keegan, he proved to be an upgrade on him. 


The poll mentioned earlier saw Kenny voted all the way to the top position in 100 Players who shook the Kop. Dalglish has also been celebrated both in the English and Scottish Football Halls of Fame.

#1 – Steven Gerrard


The local lad who watched the team from the Kop before becoming the darling of the very same fans he'd once stood with. In nearly two decades at Anfield he played the position of central midfielder, holding midfielder, second striker, right back, right winger and attacking midfielder. And if this wasn’t enough, he also led the team as captain.


Gerrard was an inspiration on the field and his incredible knack of delivering on the big occasion saw him help the club to numerous trophies. Now he's back as a coach and who would bet against him one day becoming manager?

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