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Found 2 results

  1. James McClean refuses to wear a poppy | Mail Online I'm not sure about this recent fad of imprinting poppies on football shirts. While I applaud the sentiment behind the use of poppies in general, does it really belong in sport? I thought FIFA took a dim view of the politicising of football? Don't think we've heard the end of this, McClean is going to get a bit of flak for this.
  2. Ian and Janette Tough, both 64, confessed that they each had a string of lovers in their 70s and 80s heyday and shared an "anywhere, any time" attitude to sex. The married couple told how they once trashed the tour bus of rock band Status Quo and that on one occasion Ian flattened magician Paul Daniels with a single punch in a bar. Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Stark Talk show yesterday, they said they only curbed their excessive lifestyle when they realised they were “playing with fire”. The pair, famous for their catchphrase ‘fan-dabi-dozi’, said they feared their other partners were getting jealous and that kiss and tell stories would wreck their careers. Describing their “active” relationship, the comedy duo, who soared to fame on children's TV show Crackerjack, revealed how they were once swept across the Channel while having sex in a boat. Janette, famous as naughty schoolboy Wee Jimmy Krankie, said: "We had a little boat. It was only a little 12 foot boat and we went out for Sunday lunch one day and we thought we'd get a bit romantic on this boat out at sea, and we nearly ended up in France. "He couldn't make it last that long now." Ian added: "We heard voices and I said 'there's somebody about'. I looked up and it was the French coast. I said 'Oh my God'.” The couple said their outdoor sexual escapades frequently involved golf courses, with Jersey being a particularly memorable location. They also recalled that on another occasion during a tour on the Channel island, Ian punched Daniels after a few drinks in a bar while defending their reputation. Ian said: "I was a bit punchy I suppose, when I was in my thirties. Yes (I punched Paul Daniels), but that's not really a bad thing is it? "I think he must have said something to contradict something I was saying. I'd likely had a drink and was talking rubbish and I just went bang – he went off the chair and the whole bar all applauded and said 'it's time somebody did that'.” Despite the bust-up, the couple said they were now good friends with Daniels. They said their antics often made rock stars appear tame, citing an incident in which they borrowed Status Quo’s tour bus as an example. “When we gave them it back they said 'blinking heck, this is worse than if we'd lent it to a rock show, and this is a kids' show out on the road',” Ian said. Their wild lifestyle was only reined in when they feared a kiss and tell story in the newspapers. Put to them that they weren't faithful to one another, and that nowadays they would be called swingers, Janette said: "We weren't behind each other's back. We knew what each other was up to.” Ian said: "But then we thought 'we're playing with fire here'. What we started worrying about was the other people were getting jealous. “Today it would be in the papers instantly. In those days people were very good.” He added: "I think suddenly we are the top of the bill on this fabulous tour doing great business and everybody around us is having a whale of a time, jumping in and out, and me and her going 'we are missing out here', and it was our so-called fame that was causing this. "I think that's it. I think drink had a lot to do with it as well. “I used to be a bit of a rogue. We were in our early thirties and we got fame and went a bit berserk. Luckily we didn't get in to the drugs, like they do today, but we were wild. "I used to run round housing estates for a bet, with nothing on. We were party people." The couple got together aged 18 after meeting at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre where Janette was performing and where Ian worked as an electrician. Their romance blossomed on a ski trip to Glenshee after Ian fell in to a burn and Janette comforted him with towels in a coach. They were married aged 21 – 43 years ago. The couple are currently appearing in pantomime at the Clyde Auditorium in Robinson Crusoe And The Caribbean Pirates. This is possibly the most disturbing thing I have read in a while. Who would want to fuck Wee Jimmie? It's not right.
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