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Found 10 results

  1. Worthy of a thread of their own. There’s been that many of them and it seems like there’s a new one every week. The bloke from Doctor Who and Kidulthood/Adulthood is the latest one under fire. Let’s have an exhaustive list of all the wrong ‘uns and a place to talk about the latest celebrity perves. I’ll start with the most obvious one. John Leslie - Sex Pest
  2. Let’s face it. The political threads are bringing the GF down. Half of the threads on here these days are politically motivated and are full of the same posters having the same arguments again and again and again. I used to enjoy reading the politics threads but they jumped the shark months ago. They’re just fucking eye AIDS at the moment and have been for a while. Some people will say you don’t have to read them. I say that’ll be much easier if they’re out of the way. Should we put an idea to Dave, about creating a politics/current affairs forum separate from the GF? That way, we can keep this forum the way it should be and what it used to be about. Laughs, advice, recommendations, beer, puns, toilet humour, rants, pictures of famous women and so much more. Vote in the fucking poll.
  3. Their new manager seems to be bringing a lot more attention to Scottish football and I’m still in love with the man. I watched their opening game the other day and I was gutted when they conceded a late equaliser, and only partly because I had Rangers to win on an accumulator. Obviously their city rivals have more resources and are a wee bit ahead of them at the moment. Their manager has terrific character and his group includes some outstanding technicians that show real desire, day in and day out on the training ground. As a man who cares not about any of that sectarian shite, the presence of Steven Gerrard has given me a team in Scotland to root for, simply because I’d love him to do well. Let’s have a thread to get behind one of, if not, the greatest player our club has ever had. Stevie Gerrard is their gaffer Stevie Gerrard is a red Stevie Gerrard is from Liverpool And it’s fucking with Stig’s head
  4. I’ve moved my living room around and as a consequence my Android box (which is my main source of TV) is now about 3-4 metres further away from the router. This has had a dramatic effect on its WiFi signal. The box has gone from picking up over 20mbps to less than 1, meaning it’s virtually useless. Sometimes it’s not even picking up the WiFi at all. How much improvement am I likely to see from an Ethernet cable? I’ve never used one before. I’m not liking the idea because the router’s near the front door and I’d have to get a 15m cable and nail it around door frames, feed it underneath the carpet where the living room door is and nail it right around the room on the skirting boards. My laptop is on my computer desk, maybe 1.5 metres from the TV/Android box. The laptop is still picking up over 20mbps through WiFi. Is there an easy way for me to piggyback on the laptop’s WiFi and feed it through to the Android box? Help me out here. I’m thick as fuck when it comes to this shit. My fucking phone keeps dropping in and out of the WiFi as well and I can’t figure out what the problem is there. Everyone else’s devices in the house are fine but the only two I use are driving me up the wall.
  5. The 2021 season is firmly in the rear view mirror now. Champions League qualification starts tonight with Celtic up against Midgetland, who you’d imagine are a much better team than them, based on the last few European campaigns. The number of Everton players under investigation for noncing currently stands at one but there is of course plenty of time for that to change. Other interesting things to look out for in ‘other football’ this season are the removal of the away goals rule, Spurs failing miserably in the most uninspiring competition since the SportPesa Cup and FIFA attempting to fundamentally change the rules of the game forever, switching everyone off for good and allowing Dave U to close us down and focus on his golf website. https://hypebeast.com/2021/7/fifa-new-football-rules-trials-30-minute-halves-sin-bin-throw-ins
  6. Lifted from the Other Football thread. This topic is worthy of its own discussion. So, who do you think will be exposed as unvaccinated? Have there been any players publicly getting double jabbed? What happens if players have had Covid but still not taken up the vaccine? SO MANY QUESTIONS
  7. If it’s true that we’re done spending then it could be said that we’re still light up front. There’s talk of Sturridge seeing out his final year and I’m assuming Ings will be leaving. That would leave our forward cover as Shaqiri, Sturridge, Origi and Solanke. One of Origi and Solanke will have to go. I suppose if Divock goes it’ll be permanently and if Dominic goes it’ll be on loan. I said on the MF last season that Origi would have offered more than Solanke if he’d had the same amount of game time. I stand by that and I’ve noticed a few others recently saying the same. I’m not completely writing Solanke off but at this moment in time he’s not good enough to be a serious option from the bench. At least with Origi, he’s shown glimpses in the past. I’d loan Solanke out and keep Origi in the squad. What says the FF? Who should be part of the squad for the coming season?
  8. ... is rumoured to have shuffled off this mortal coil. Devastating news for all concerned. First Brexit, now this.
  9. Please stop posting in funny/political/compassionate/football/music threads pretending not to be a massive cunt. This site is a legitimate cuntfest and the cunts who post on here have been massive cunts for a great number of years. Others that have been through similar cunt times, can appreciate the cuntishness and twattery and can explain how they felt at their cuntiest point, etc. Cunts being cunts has helped a lot of posters through fucking cunt times. But someone deliberately giving the impression they're not an enormous cunt is taking the piss and can cause people to be ‘alright’ which goes against the cunt culture of the boards. Reading through your posts I believe you can be a cunt yourself, I also believe you have been a cunt in previous endeavours (you obviously know where to go to quote examples of cuntery), but you're not a qualified, definitive non-cunt and should immediately stop pretending to be so.
  10. To go alongside the best crisps thread. What are the worst crisps out there at the moment? I bought a tube of these last weekend and I almost puked after the first one. Even my kids wouldn’t eat them. Straight in the bin. I’ve just read an online article comparing them favourably to Pringles and it made me angry.
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