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  1. You have to wonder where all the millions we are saving are going to...
  2. Haha I've got Scholes on my stream the fucking weirdo
  3. Having to constantly start with Milner is a dire situation.
  4. Keita was directly at fault for both goals but it doesn't help having to play with Henderson playing utterly shite as well, and Milner wasn't much better either. Even at the start of the 2nd half, before the sending off AM were literally walking through our midfield - particularly when it looked like Ali got injured. Against 10 men it wasn't much better either. When Henderson is playing like that even Fabinho looks all at sea. Henderson at the minute is playing as if he's at least a couple of phases behind play, rather like that ref Jon Moss I think it is.
  5. Would help if Henderson could get near some of their players
  6. ManéMan

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    That's true, but he hasn't also looked the same recently...his reactions are slow and a bit weak in the tackle.