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  1. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 1 Real Madrid 3 (May 26 2018)

    Still in Kiev airport trying to get back. Apparently Robbo called Ronaldo a cunt when they were together. Give him another season him and Keita will be the enforcers in the team . He has that look of Stuart Pearce.
  2. Paul Wright

    West Brom 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 21 2108)

    1st paragraph fuckin verbatim my thoughts.
  3. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 10-12 2018)

    Just in case Izquirdo does something great or shit, his name in English is Left. Would be boss if he had Lefty on his shirt. No spell checker needed
  4. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 24-29 2017)

    Camp dinosaur. Priceless. Tears on my cheeks. Top round up as ever
  5. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 24-29 2017)

    Camp dinosaur. Priceless. Tears on my cheeks. Top round up as ever
  6. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 4-5 2017)

    "Swansea did the bar in Injury time" No wonder the conceded, piss heads
  7. Paul Wright

    Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1 (Oct 1 2017)

    Same shit, different season. Gave up this season in July. Nothing more certain. Lallana injured, Sturridge flatters then deceives, Firmino scores patchily, Morono still playing left back ........... Same old Same old. Dave you called it last season, they sucker you in then shit in your face. Is anyone looking forward to the Scum next?, other than Mourinho that is.
  8. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 19-21 2017)

    Salah style. There is an irritating song in there somewhere.
  9. Paul Wright

    Pre-Season Shorts - Leicester 1 Liverpool 2

    Despite being the best thing on the pitch by a mile lil Phil had that look of a troubled mind. Not to many smiles. If it is to be let's let's screw Barcelona now and use the cash and move on. He looks conflicted which may see us getting one more season.
  10. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (May 5-10 2017)

    Spot on re Arter, dirty snide fucker, keeps doing this he will be in the Scum midfield very soon. Also reverse prediction for me, lose to WHU and win a meaningless end of season game v Boro so we can all applaud the losers and their kids while we fish around for season ticket money. God its miserable!!
  11. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 0 Southampton 0 (May 7 2017)

    Same Shit different Boss
  12. Paul Wright

    Leicester City 3 Liverpool 1 (Feb 27 2017)

    We have a Central Midfielder at Left Back, we have a central midfielder at Centre Back. We have Englands reserve right back and Matip. We have a proper left back who can't get in cos of Milner ! And we wonder why we will concede more than 50 goals this season. We are weak nd toothless up front (Firminos nashers aside). How many long balls did we play last night, Huth and Morgan's dream. Look at the squad and ask how many are first choice internationals in the position. We are just also rans
  13. Paul Wright

    Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1 (Jan 15 2017)

    Mention for TAA at Full Back. Relatively comfortable and assured. Martial - Subbed off so they could go Direct as they were getting no joy in behind Well done son.
  14. Paul Wright

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 11 2017)

    I thought the game was played at a real quick tempo. I was watching it from Live pause though on +6 speed
  15. Paul Wright

    Everton 0 Liverpool 1 (Dec 19 2016)

    Spot on re Hendo post match. Barkley goes from near leg breaking hero to " what he's a fuckin mate of that red bastard?" Classy and intelligent. Barkley a Fifth Columnist
  16. Paul Wright

    Middlesbrough 0 Liverpool 3 (Dec 14 2016)

    Karanka said afterwards they have managed to compete in every game but not in this one. Keep this going keep chasing the cockney blueshite
  17. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 6 Watford 1 (Nov 6 2016)

    Once they work out how to get at Sideshow Bob in that 3 they will get very shaky. No one wants to play us so most are mentally screwed before they set foot on the pitch. Actually very easy to "play nice stuff" when you are 5-0 down. Chelsea are the only threat for me, Flat track got found out again, funny how no one bangs on how they can't keep many clean sheets. Arsenal will implode post Christmas despite winning their CL group but then going out to Atletico or Bayern! Tottenham have no squad, anyone see their bench for Sunday, no one!. Then look at ours. Getting that warm sensation again, that tingle on game day. Thanks Jurgen
  18. Paul Wright

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Days 3-4)

    Loving the Blog legend Mr Usher laughing my bollocks off. Great stuff
  19. Paul Wright

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-11 2016)

    Top top top report Laughing out loud on a train with the Mrs shush in me
  20. Paul Wright

    Leicester 2 Liverpool 0 (Feb 2 2016)

    To add to my depression I have just looked at the table and for the first time in years looked down to see who might overtake us. I wonder what it will actually really take for those no mark useless suits to get fired. Newcastle look a fully formed professional outfit compared to us.
  21. Paul Wright

    Norwich City 4 Liverpool 5 (Jan 23 2016)

    We need that keeper that makes saves they shouldn't be expected to. That in a one v one we always fancy the keeper. They all make the odd clanger but pulling out that worldy that keeps you in the game sets the top ones apart. Hart from the free kick v WHU on Sat night and that save from the header from Swansea away. That is what we need. We all know that, so how come those useless sponging twats upstairs do not. Hart, Courtois, Lloris, Cech fuck me even Schmeical Jnr. De Gea is keeping the scum in the top 6. Come on Jurgen you must know a top No 1 for us.
  22. Paul Wright

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1 (Jan 17 2016)

    Charlie Austin £4 fuckin million. !! Calls players back from loan but those 2 wasters Markovic and Ballotelli not (Thankfully) . Sums up those wankers buying players. Recall Kent from Coventry but £36m of "talent" bumming round Europe, great use of the Suarez money. Rodgers on goals on sunday "Bertrand did not fit the profile"!!!. Balotelli "went with the Group decision" Club rotten to a man at the top. Sick of it. Spot report on as always. Mignolet - Cowards attempt at saving that shot. School boy stuff - stand big, spread your self out and close down. He for me is a shithouse who can't kick the ball, or catch and is mostly shit at one on ones. So lets give him 5 years!! aaaaaaarghhh
  23. Paul Wright

    West Ham 2 Liverpool 0 (Jan 2 2016)

    Benteke was a disgrace amongst a shower of shameful shire. He won one header to Lallana who then broke down the right whilst Fuckin Big Ben strolled towards the box I nearly bust a blood vessel screaming at telly And when the ball came in he was nowhere He can't control it He rarely holds up and brings others into the game He doesn't like a physical battle. We got rid of Andy Carroll as that was not how Rodgers wanted to play and we saw the benefits of sturridge and Suarez So when we lose Luis we by Andy Carroll lite The cowardly version Figure that one out. Pace pressure mobility and goals is what we want Players make systems and ours are shite in any system We are moving into the "loads of possession but lose 3-0. Fuckin wasters. 54 think I would not get as irate as I do but you just care too much Actually ruined new year .
  24. Paul Wright

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 21 2012)

    That Ali comment made me laugh out bloody loud Cafe Nero here wondering what is going on Great feeling great report as always First 7 away won 3 drawn 3 lost 1 I would have taken that before the season started.
  25. Paul Wright

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 4 (Nov 21 2012)

    I was in the city section for the match well the first 7 mins got ejected moved further round got ejected and finally ended up in a section right down the other end . Quick word on the cityfans who apologised as one twat was moaning and kept getting me moved credit for their sporting words to me given they were 3 down. Point is I sat in 3 areas of the ground and they fuckin love De Bruyne and they detest sterling to a fuckin man Never heard one single word of encouragement for him. Instant dislike for his agent. It's going to take a real effort to win them round so guess he will be off in 3 years .