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  1. 1 hour ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    There's just no hope for humanity when half the people are just massive fucking bell ends, who will defend anything their side does.

    That bloke has Tweeted or Retweeted 21 times in the last hour all about Cummings/Johnson etc. Is he real? Surely you wouldn't be arsed? 

  2. Why was Cummings put in front of the press? He's basically a consultant - it should be his employer being grilled for their employee's action. He shouldn't have so much power that he can have his own press conference. What a fucking joke of a situation. 


    Should have been sacked this morning, with a government apology. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    I looked at his replies and genuinely the people who defend Cummings, the Tories and mention grooming gangs have the union jack next to their name. The same in the US. A nasty Nationalism has been given voice by the likes of Bannon and Cummings.

    Half of them arent real mate. Just bots with automatically generated content. 


    The other half though, the real ones, they're proper cunts. 

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  4. Lockdown is over. The government - purposely or not - have ensured that enough people now won't give a shit so it's essentially finished. Will the public still follow social distancing? There aren't enough police or local council officers to manage it, since they've all been smashed by austerity. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Champ said:

    My husband has worked a few shifts in what are called hub schools here, supervising key workers kids in groups no bigger than 6. He’s been taking them outside as much as possible but even then he says it been at nightmare at times. He’s struggling to see how it’d be possible to manage class sizes as big as they’ve been suggested for England 

    It's a great way to mentally and emotionally damage the kids - get back to school! Don't go near anyone, especially at play time! Wash your hands A LOT! No it's not your class...or teacher...or mates.... No you won't see the other kids in school! What do you mean "What's a bubble?" Anyway, have a nice day! 

  6. Jedi is brilliant. I've nothing against the Ewoks - they were ultimately child-friendly films so no problems with that. I hated the music change from the end of Special Edition though. 


    I'm not a massive Star Wars fan but the new trilogy is - at best - really underwhelming and disappointing. Planned, written and executed by Disney committee.

  7. 11 hours ago, Mook said:

    My fucking right ear has been blocked for nearly two weeks, 'been putting the drops in twice a day every day & tried the Otex home syringe thing tonight, didn't work.


    The doctor is refusing to see me, constant sore heads, constant ringing in my ear, constantly being half deaf. I would happily pay someome £100 to syringe it properly but the private places I've tried are all shut as well.


    Fuck off.

    Ever had your ears syringed/jet washed? Afterwards you've got super human hearing, like you're one of the X Men or something. 

  8. 18 minutes ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    Boris been brushing his hair with a ventilator.

    He's a fucking scruff. The abuse Corbyn took a few years ago for basically not wearing an expensive, fitted suit. Johnson looks like he's jumped out of the bedroom window of a married woman's house in a hurry.