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  1. I think the Rock should stay out of the ring from now on. He made John fucking Cena look like a great wrestler at Wrestlemania. Talk of the Rock coming back to challenge for the title is silly and he should stick to movies. He was a fantastic character during his time as a full-time WWF personality, and wasn't a bad wrestler either. But now he's too old and too rusty.

  2. Can I just express my sheer hatred for BT? They are absolutely shit. There's not a single year that goes past that I don't have at least 3 or 4 problems with their network that needs an engineer to repair. Right now my internet is dying on its knees and the phone is totally fucked. And they can't fix the fault by the 24th of this month. And their call centres are absolutely hopeless. Twice I've been cut off by the pricks in India and I barely even got to describing my problem. Seems like their network is fucked everywhere, including their shitty Indian-based call centres. Fuck you very much, BT. And anyone that even murmurs something about "First World problems" can get fucked too.

  3. On Saturday not a lot was going right for Raheem. He was getting bullied off the ball and his inexperience was telling a lot as he was getting the ball taken away from him regularly. But he kept plugging away and provided a lovely assist and Sunderland responded by hacking him down. The tackle from Larsson was particularly brutal. But he got back up and carried on. He's showing a lot of heart and determination, he could turn out to be the real bright spark of our season.