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  1. I love T1 and T2, two of my most favourite movies of all time. But the rest of the movies in that franchise are just terrible. Marvel has more than its share of shite but overall has a lot more good movies than just the two from Terminator, so Marvel wins it for me.
  2. Be honest, was anyone really confident of winning this one before the match? I certainly wasn't. Wasn't expecting to lose either but not winning was expected on current form.
  3. Absolute shocker that. The manager, players and especially those useless fucking owners need to take a good look at what's happened tonight and do something.
  4. Title gone, and now home record gone. These players have disgraced themselves in recent weeks.
  5. All huff and puff. We've turned into Man City of last season, only not as good.
  6. Baltar

    Other football - 2020/21

    Didn't see anything wrong with the City "offside" goal. Looked dodgy but no rules were broken as far as I know. The handball penalty is always going to be given these days so Villa can't complain about that. The only thing I'd moan about is that I know for a fact neither of those decisions would have been given to us.
  7. BTTF is the best movie of the 1980s for me, definitely in my top 5 of all time.
  8. Tough one, I'm going with Bond but just about. There's been some dreadful Bond movies over the years but Connery's prime was a great era for Bond.
  9. I love the original 3 Indy movies. I think I've only ever enjoyed one Jaws movie. It gets repetitive after a while, how many movies can you make about a bloody shark? Indy wins this easily.
  10. BTTF by a mile. I like the Carry On movies for what they are but as far as iconic movie franchises go, BTTF is in another league.
  11. Baltar

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    These tightwads are going to cost us the title. I maintain that we would piss this league if we had 2 fit, quality centre backs (and Jota being fit). It's shocking that the owners aren't interested in having us compete for the title this season.
  12. Baltar

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    They just went out and bought all the flavour of the month/overhyped players from last season. I wonder if Chelsea scouted these players at all or just looked at the most "in demand" players according to the 'papers?
  13. Baltar

    Glasgow Celtic.

    I'm backing Rangers purely because Stevie is their manager but Celtic deserve better than that ginger nob.
  14. Baltar

    The Snooker

    Well done young man, great win.
  15. Baltar

    The Snooker

    Come on Yan, you've got this.
  16. Baltar

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    FSG defenders can do one. Unless your owner is Abramovic or an oil kingdom they really don't matter. As Shanks said, they're only here to sign the cheques. The fuckers we've got won't even do that unless we are bringing in a lot of revenue.
  17. We have been shite but we are being massively hamstrung by not having any centre backs which is forcing two of our best midfielders into defence. Jota also being out is making things worse. Put a fit VVD and Gomez into this team, push Hendo and Fabinho into midfield and we look a totally different side. We have fucked up by having no options at the back.
  18. They'll get a spawny and undeserved winner. We are just not creating enough or testing their 'keeper.
  19. Anyone that had hopes Matip would be fit should give themselves a slap. That fucker needs binning, fucking crock. With the injuries we have that's about the best team we could field. Not sure about Shaq over Jones, he's hardly played this season and now he's thrown into our biggest game of the year? If we lose this I will be raging at FSG. Halfway into the month and we are playing without any centre backs because they won't spend to defend our title.
  20. She's a dead ringer for that other lovely redhead Bryce Dallas Howard. Or maybe all gingers look alike?
  21. Baltar

    The Snooker

    I have an intense dislike of Murphy, a proper fat coward who is always having a pop at players in the press but acts all chummy with them during matches. Can't stand Carter too, a proper twat that guy. Allen is alright. Can't say I like Selby much and his penchant for slowing games down and turning games into ugly scraps. Great player though.
  22. United really aren't that good, the table is not painting an accurate picture. They are decent but not close to title winners. The problem is that we have been shite for the most part, not helped by injuries. I don't see us improving any time soon, the loss of both VVD and Gomez has wrecked our title defence. Man City are going to run away with it over the next few months. Better those cunts than United though...
  23. Can't believe I'm nervous about this game. We only have ourselves to blame after 3 disgraceful league results on the spin. We should be comfortably ahead of these twats.
  24. Baltar


    Mostly Tory voters I bet. The excuses these morons make for Johnson and his useless cabinet is ridiculous. I lay the blame firmly at Johnson's door and I expect to see this cunt and his entire cabinet in front of a judge and jury in the not-too-distant future.
  25. Baltar


    Agreed, a proper strict lockdown for a month should help. That includes stopping incoming flights. It's baffling to me that we are supposedly in a lockdown yet thousands of people are coming into the UK each day. How the hell are you supposed to stop local transmission if you are letting in countless infected people each day? Does not make sense. Shut everything down for a whole month including nurseries, airports etc. except the absolute essential places, and you'll see a decline in the number of infections. Hopefully the vaccines will do the job and we can beat this thing by the end of the year. Yes, I fully expect this fucking thing to keep plaguing us for the next year or so.