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  1. Saw a mention of Borini, certainly not our worst ever signing but in some ways the biggest disappointment considering the hype Rodgers was giving him. I thought we were signing the next Baggio ffs.
  2. Baltar

    Mohamed Salah

    Would not have been even a talking point had the defence not played like a bunch of drunks for all 3 of their goals.
  3. Poor, to be leading twice and failing to win against a newly promoted team. Really poor. Brentford aren't a bad team but to throw away the lead twice is just not good enough.
  4. Take a bow Curtis, that was special! Now, let's get another to finish them off please.
  5. Baltar

    Other Football 2021/22

    Hahahahahahahahaha! Fucking cheats got what they deserved. Well done Villa!
  6. Considering we're averaging an injury per game, I would rest every single regular including the goalie. That still should be good enough to beat Norwich.
  7. Baltar

    Other Football 2021/22

    Why are the renties top? We have identical stats including same number of goals scored and conceded. Is it sorted alphabetically?
  8. Baltar

    Jimmy Greaves RIP

    Sad news, don't think there's been a better English striker than Greaves. Was excellent on the telly too.
  9. Baltar

    Mohamed Salah

    How lucky are we to have him? What a player.
  10. Lack of adequate cover at right back is glaring whenever Trent is out. Zaha will have a field day but we should bang in enough at the other end to see this one through.
  11. Oh look, another customary injury for us. Just great.
  12. Both Hendo and Keita have been poor. Missing young Harvey Elliott already.
  13. Get in Mo. Get a few more this half and I'll be happy.
  14. Jurgen has left himself open here with that selection. Yes we've been on top but we have not been able to kill them off and now we've been punished badly. Milan will just defend for their lives in the 2nd half and on the first half showing, I doubt we'll break through them.
  15. Crap pen but a good save. I still fancy Mo to score tonight.
  16. All over them, have to keep up the pressure and get the 2nd
  17. Strange lineup to say the least. Klopp must be very confident of winning because he knows he'll get slaughtered by the press if we lose this with that starting 11.
  18. This is what the Champions League is about. What a great fixture this is. Show them respect but they are not the AC Milan we played before, so I can't see anything other than a win for us.