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  1. 1 minute ago, Trumo said:

    Gasperini has his teams extremely well-drilled, and if they implement his tactics with this level of intensity, then as we know to our cost they are extremely difficult to live with. It's not Gegenpressing so much as squeezing the spaces by effectively man-marking all over the pitch. It forces opponents to basically abandon their posts in an effort to find space, but in doing so it makes them leave gaps because it is hurrying the man in possession. Teammates aren't where you need them to be, and if they are, they are a bit boxed in.


    I still don't think it is front-foot football though, more an alternative to sitting deep and hitting quickly on the counter. Nothing wrong with it when implemented well, but I think Atalanta would struggle to look as effective if their opponents decide to cede possession and territory, dropping deep and letting Atalanta have the ball. Atalanta aren't nearly as effective in that scenario.


    A shame for Leverkusen that their stellar run ends this way, but they had absolutely no answers tonight and the game had well and truly gotten away from them before they could even begin to try and mount yet another of their incredible comebacks.

    That’s probably why they haven’t done as well in Serie A. They must love teams who play on the front foot. Well they clearly do because they hassle them and pick them off. Alonso had no answer but neither did Jurgen. Fair play to them. 

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  2. Just now, Code said:

    Thought the ref let Atalanta get away with everything, that Koopmeiners could have been sent off three-four times, just got booked once.


    How Leverkusen did not get a penalty in the end Ill never know. 

    Wasn’t a Leverkusen player offside? 

  3. 6 minutes ago, Binomial said:
    This half has flown by, surprised by how defeated Leverkusen look. Nothing from them. Big HT coming up for Xabi.

    I had to laugh at Hargreaves coming out with “with all his experience he will know he has to tweak things at half time” 


    About 20/30k he’ll be getting for that gig tonight. 

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