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  1. 2 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    It’s not all doom and gloom then…



    I`ve been fairly steadfast in the view this team is going down, nothing I`ve seen in in the last 19 games has given me reason to think any different, if anything it is far more obvious than ever.

    Again I said Dyche should have gone during the break, the club has missed the opportunity and now the whole club will pay the consequences.

    I feel sorry for all the staff at Finch Farm and Goodison who will lose their jobs, jobs they put their all in to and they will be sacked off the back of the frauds in the dugout and in the boardroom, how can any of them look these people in the eye.

    Relegation, massive fire sale and administration will ensue. Probably lose the stadium aswell meaning all of this will be for nothing... This club is rotten from top to bottom and the only way this finishes is with the club fighting for it`s very survival...

    Nice one Kopite Kenwright, this is your legacy and you can RIP knowing you`ve played your part in killing this club.


    “Kopite Kenwright” the man died knowing the club he gave his everything to hated him. Scummy twats 

  2. 1 minute ago, littletedwest said:

    Saw a post on GOT saying send him off. Then realised they were talking about their own player 

    Keane? They started brightly but since they’ve been as bad as anything I’ve seen all season. They can’t afford to sack Dyche. Moshiri is there and all the snake 

  3. 1 minute ago, No2 said:

    I haven't been watching, only turned it on when I seen it was 4 nil. I'll be turning it back off, ground is like watching a game in covid times.

    Always has been there. Well since that cup game in 97. Fucking hell cunt of a game but they were loud I’ll give them that 

  4. Just now, No2 said:

    Dele Ali on Sky, Everton have to drop the ego and realise they can't go for the win.

    He’s been an embarrassment. It’s like someone’s won a prize to go on there and talk about footy. I know he’s had his issues and no doubt he’s a talented footballer but fucking hell he’s got the intelligence of a fucking newt 

  5. Fuck me it’s like talk sport. Just come out with some wild theory and you’ll get airtime and clicks. If you can cope with being called a cunt on twitter your quids in. 


    I might start spouting that dandelions are in-fact Mexican spies and our borders are about to be over-run by Tijuana 


    At the very least I might get a retweet off Julia Hartley-Brewdog 

  6. 2 hours ago, Nelly-Szoboszlai said:

    Somebody got “cleansed” on Countdown today. 

    I'm disappointed that we’re yet to see a Photoshop of Countdown Katie Hopkins standing next to this spelt out but with the word “ethnically” added to it . 

    10 letters that 

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