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  1. What does proportionate mean? Should Israel rape the exact amount of women Hamas did? Should they burn as many kids alive? Should they find a music festival in Gaza (bloody unlikely) and murder 250 festival goers and say “we’re all square now!”
  2. 1. Try to get the hostages before Hamas manages to do more unthinkable acts. 2. Eliminate Hamas. this isn’t very hard. When someone tells you they want exterminate Jews, you better believe them. And the demonstrations in support of these baby-killers are heinous.
  3. The math here is basically “I kill your children + hide behind my own children= immunity for terrorism “
  4. If you think anyone is worse than a nazi you are probably a nazi.
  5. Goes well with the celebrations we have seen for the be headings of babies in the last few days. Nazi mobs are dominating the streets of Europe again.
  6. You are a nazi. Whether you admit it or not. A vile, Jew hating nazi. I don’t think you are able to, but you ought to feel very ashamed of who you are.
  7. No way, nazi. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  8. They could always just deliver the hostages back to Israel and the terrorists to stand trial.
  9. Good. No way should celebrations of atrocities be allowed in civilized countries.
  10. Great to get rid of people like that. The Labour Party is no place for nazis.
  11. Just because you have recently learned to spell “fact” doesn’t make it so, Adolf.
  12. Congratulations, a very rare case of a post where absolutely everything is wrong. Almost an accomplishment!
  13. Yes you are, in the tradition of Corbyn and the other cretins Starmer has had a hard time weeding out from Labour.
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