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  1. Biscao

    Ched Evans

    He doesn't need to prove his innocence, does he now? From what I've seen it's a disgrace that he was convicted in the first place.
  2. Biscao

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    I see him as a weaker version of David Silva.
  3. Biscao

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    That might be an issue, indeed.
  4. Biscao

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    Just shows what you know about football. I'm also known as the guy who thought Marcovic would come good eventually (and I still haven't lost hope!).
  5. Biscao

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    I think Pogba has the ability to be the best midfielder in the world.
  6. Biscao

    Naby Keita

    Some people go against the flow on principle, but yes, most supporters seem to agree that he's pretty useless.
  7. Biscao

    Klopp: No plans for Coutinho return

    We got VVD and Allison for a luxury-player who downed tools. Deal of the century.
  8. Biscao

    Hated LFC players

    Yeah, could've mentioned him myself. Arrogant prick.
  9. Biscao

    Hated LFC players

    I never cared for Ruddock. Fat fuck who could've done much better if he would give a damn. Diouf was just a despicable human being, hated him since I saw him play in the 02 WC. Konchesky because he was so bad, worst player I've seen play for us. And although I never hated him I never liked Martin Skrtel. A weak strong man.
  10. Biscao

    Andrew Robertson

    I didn't think I could love him more than I already did. Andy proved me wrong. Give him £500k/week for all I care (although he would most likely reject it out of common decency and demand lower pay). He's great. I love him.
  11. Biscao


    Even the FA won't deduct points for this. Get a grip.
  12. I agree. The results he's had so far have been very good (obviously!) and even though they've had easy opposition, these results were not taken for granted at the end of Mourinho's reign, which started to feel a bit like Hodgson's half season with us at the end. And I desperately hope they hire him (OGS that is. Or Woy. Both would do).
  13. Biscao

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    Being pro-brexit is a legitimate political view (a view I don't share); what really gives him away is “to hell with the rest of the world.” He truly is a horrible human being.
  14. Biscao

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Yeah I agree, United are playing to their ability at the moment. I’d rather play Mourinho’s defeatist United though, they look up for it now.