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  1. Biscao


    I still like him. It’s never as clear cut as we like to think and after reading Simon Hughes’ book I got a feeling it was the club as much as him who wanted the Chelsea - deal to happen.
  2. Biscao

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    For the first time since 08/09 I think top 4 should be a formality. How far we go depends on our competition, but there's no doubt that City had more than a fair share of luck last season. How many wins did they secure in overtime? 4-5?
  3. Biscao

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    I reckon we’ll finish in second place. I don’t see us beating city in the league this season.
  4. Biscao

    Alisson Becker

    Yeah. I would still take De Gea in a heartbeat, even though he didn’t impress anyone in Russia.
  5. Biscao

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    You sure about that?
  6. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    Indeed. Croatia looked dead even in the first 90 mins.
  7. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    Belgium is coached by Martinez which guarantees a goal for England in the final.
  8. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    Southgate did the right thing losing vs Belgium.
  9. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    Job well done.
  10. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    VAR is absolutely brilliant.
  11. Biscao

    Russia World Cup 18

    They usually do. Even when they played Germany 4 years ago. It’s bizarre.
  12. Biscao

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Zidane has resigned as manager of Real Madrid.
  13. Biscao

    Quality Players

    I think the progress both on and off the pitch since Klopp arrived has been remarkable. We're actually buying good players these days and Klopp seems to make them click with the rest of the team. Considering our efforts in the market since, well, 1990 (with great exceptions), that is remarkable. I expect us to buy a new goalkeeper this summer. Fair play to Karius for apologizing to the supporters after the match, but he's simply not good enough and what he did in the final is just not excusable. I would be very disappointed if we didn't add at least one top class forward to our current squad, while I think our midfield is fine with the addition of Keita. I can't help but feel like this final came one or two years too early for us.
  14. Biscao

    Loris Karius

    I don’t feel sorry for him yet.
  15. Biscao

    Sergio Ramos