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  1. Considering how deliberate the pace was, and how little regard I have for the actors and think the writers get badly shown up when they slow things down, I thought that was a pretty good episode. Nice to see Michonne fleshed out and there was a well crafted chilling atmosphere to the whole thing.


    You're watching a cable show about zombies based on a comic book, it's not meant to be fucking Shoah.

  2. I once received this condescending PM for doing negging:



    "Like your neg power?;)


    Even SpiderLucas has admitted to being a bellend now, there's no need to get so defensive on his behalf.


    I've been enjoying your stuff since you went gold by the way. You definitely work better as someone with something to say than an out and out troll although you retain a similar sense of humour, which isn't entirely out of place.


    Keep it up."



    Note the smiley.

  3. Only just seen this:


    Sky Sports apologise after ex-referee Dermot Gallagher makes 'Holocaust' reference - News & Comment - Football - The Independent


    Sky Sports were forced to apologise today after ex-referee Dermot Gallagher used the word 'Holocaust' when analysing Celtic's Champions League match against Juventus.


    The former Premier League referee was critical of a fifth official on duty during last night's Champions League tie who failed to see Juventus striker Alessandro Matri's shot had crossed the line.


    Matri's shot was cleared before Claudio Marchisio followed up to score. The assistant referee awarded the goal correctly, despite the fifth official's failure to see the ball had already crossed the line.


    Gallagher said: "The problem for me is I don’t think there is any tangible evidence that they (fifth officials) do anything.


    "But for a Juventus player following up a shot very, very quickly we could have had another Holocaust last night.


    "I am convinced that the assistant and the guy on the goal line don’t know the ball is in."


    The comments by Gallagher were quickly picked up on Twitter and Sky Sports News presenters Rob Wooton and Hayley McQueen apologised live on air minutes later.


    A statement from Sky Sports read: "Dermot Gallagher made a comment on air that he clearly now regrets," said a statement from the organisation on behalf of Gallagher.


    "We have apologised on behalf of him and Sky Sports for any offence caused."


    Gallagher, who retired as a referee in 2007, is a regular analyst on the rolling sports news channel.



    Worse than Cascarino's remarks imo. Apparently when asked about it last week he denied it ever happened...

  4. The Sega Channel was a big fuck off cartridge which was permanently hooked to your cable box and you could download fifty different games per month. Was boss for discovering 'off radar' games which you'd never play otherwise (Aerobiz Supersonic was bummed on a regular basis) and made all the other cartridges we owned redundant. Given this was the mid 90s it was pretty much ahead of its time.

  5. Without wishing to come across overly cuntish, how can you complete a degree in journalism and be so shorn of contacts as to seek this advice on a football forum? I'm a thick cunt who never went to uni but even I know that UK publishing apes the US to the extent that unless you self-publish - or are scouted - then your masterpiece will be gestating for some time yet.


    You're welcome.

  6. Aye, Mega Drive controllers were the tits. My cousin had a Master System (the one with Alex Kidd in Miracle World built in) and it had this mystique because we never owned one but in hindsight that console was a piece of shit compared to the NES.


    Sega and Nintendo ruled hard but Disney made some belting games in the early-mid 90s too: Castle of Illusion, Aladdin, Quackshot, The Lion King and my favourite Mickey Mania.