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  1. He's a walking contradiction. He fills the team with diminutive players yet wants them to stay on their feet and fight, he buys Lambert and Balotelli and then wants to play fast free flowing counter attack football. He courts Lallana all summer then doesn't play him. He raves about how great Lovren is then drops him. He tells everyone how Steven Gerrard in the DM role is a revelation then fucks him off. He tells us all summer how this squad can challenge for the title then in December he compares them to his first season here.


    He doesn't have a clue, he's making things up on the spot, tactics, post game interviews, press conferences, it's all smoke and mirrors. If you want to stand by your players stand by them and have some gumption. Play Lallana, Lovren, Gerrard at DM and play the 433 or the diamond the players are used too. Ride it out rather than upping sticks and fucking it all off the second it starts going pear shaped.


    if your going to stand by a player stand by Mario Balotelli who's been treated like shit from the moment he's arrived, stand by Steven Gerrard, not non entity's like Glen Johnson, Lucas and Joe fucking Allen.


    You say "walking contradiction"', I say 'Billy Bullshitter'.

  2. Berry and rye on berry st. An American style speakeasy kinda place.no sign outside,takes some finding first visit but very good


    Winner. Can't believe I forgot about this place...


    First time I went about two years ago one of my mates had to vouch for me -  a proper word-of-mouth bar because space is at a premium. It's not the easiest place to find but anyone who enjoys a drop of whisk(e)y should definitely seek it out.

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  3. Good work by Suarez's agent.

    Lets not delude oursleves , if his old contract had a clear release clause he would probably be punching his card for the Arse right now. Its inconceivable this new contract doesnt leave him a very clear exit route at any time he chooses and for all his fine words we all should know by now they dont count for shit in todays game. Stevie was right last week when he said we should enjoy him whilst he is here. This contract changes nothing other that the fact that when the exit does come it will be quick and clean . I'll be happy if he does his job and bangs a few in against Cardiff today. Im not going get excited about a rich footballer getting even richer and dictating terms to his employers.


    Now this is a good post in full.

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  4. A major missed opportunity - he had the money to outspend anybody in the league, inherited some of the finest homegrown talent and had should have learnt enough from all the years in the bootroom (how many managers spent time with Shankly and Paisley) to close the deal. He also had fairly poor opposition to cope with (Utd even managed to win with half their youth team)


    Although I enjoyed some of the football - the purple patch when Berger arrived for starters, it was a depressing to watch players openly take the piss out of the manager and supporters. Fowler and Macca having a laugh without a care in the world, nicking the managers parking space, and even shagging his daughter. Although Ged clearly lost it later on, the club owes him a huge amount for restoring the pride of the club.


    Good post.


    The pass-the-poundcoin era.


    Bit reductionist. I prefer 'Spice Boy era'.

  5. I remember a fella coming into the yew tree in west derby years ago saying a bus had just gone into the back of a lorry over the road. the pub fucking emptied


    The Yew Tree was in Dovecot, not West Derby.


    It all came to light when they failed the medical at the hospital apparently.



  6. Can't think of too many films that have improved on the original source material. "Jaws", definitely. Beyond that, i'm struggling.


    The Godfather?


    Regarding American Psycho, the film is alright (nowhere near as bad as some here make out) but suffers obviously when put up against the source material, which is a near-perfect work of art.