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    Subscriptions - what's going on?

    Guess I'm rumbled eh, fuck. And I'm married, I'd have to use the one that dicrete folk use. Just hope the mrs isn't on there either..
  2. ged20

    Subscriptions - what's going on?

    Match reports and the other content is worth it in my opinion. I obviously don't pay just to post in the members forum and the majority of the time I've used the neg/rep thingy is when I'm on my phone and my fat fucking fingers do their thing. Also, if it appears I've looked at your profile, it's my fat fucking fingers again, I really couldn't give a shit about your profile.
  3. Even as a [edit] 'drunk 'long time lurking fucker, this made me nod approvingly.
  4. ged20

    Live streams

    Hi I'm not really a forum person but I do have a look at the threads here from time to time and have seen lots of people asking for live stream links. I use a site that gives multiple links to every live game thats on. It also gives links to all other sports (free boxing for me tonight) So can I post the link here or is it frowned upon as this is a public forum?
  5. ged20

    Live streams

    no worries, just thought it would help