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  1. The hit ratio on our signings, down to Edwards and Klopp, will have been huge for the pay structure.

    Good players get signed on good wages and play brilliantly. You cant argue with that or use it as leverage to get yourself a payrise.


    Keita probably the only fly in the ointment that a player might look across the dressing room and start getting dissillusioned but its clearly well managed and the transfer "misses" have been so few.     


    Our squad must be an agents nightmare as its a big risk to start bigging up his man as Top Billing.


    *Unless your Mo's agent of course 

  2. Im only just catching up as only recently got Disney+


    Im enjoying The Mandalorian but its a bit repetitive- land on planet, go to bar, big fight, get told to go to another planet.

    It also has slightly strange soft/comedy lines that dont quite fit. Enjoyable overall though.


    Could never take to McGregor as Obi-Wan so not sure Ill watch that.  

  3. 1 hour ago, YorkshireRed said:

    I know I’m showing off a bit, but it is the garden thread. It really does look beautiful when the sun shines as it is today.

    The back isn’t as structured as the front. Still a bit of a work in progress. I think the wife is going for some kind of wild meadow, nature pond effect but I’m not allowed to ask as it annoys her. 









    Looks great, proper little escape from the world

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  4. Something is pooing in my garden- too big to be a rodent, cant be a cat as have never seen a cat in our garden in 10 years. I cant see how a fox would get in and why it would keep coming back just to have a dump.


    Mysterious hole in flower bed next to fence suggests Mole or Badger maybe (inserts thinking emoji)


    Unless its the Mrs   

  5. 45 minutes ago, Champ said:

    Brilliant. That looks fabulous.


    I was a bit like that with my grape vine. I bought it for the leaves and never thought for a minute that it would produce actual grapes. I only wish now I’d had a bit more faith and bought a seedless variety. The grapes are really sweet but are made almost inedible they’re so full of pips 

    I wish I had kept some kind of label- I assume they are going to be edible cherries!


    I bought an apple tree at same time but that keeps getting black fly eat all the leaves