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  1. sleonard0

    Sketchy People

    No. No blog, just a twitter and instagram account @SeanLeonardArt
  2. sleonard0

    Sketchy People

    If anyone is interested in buying prints you can get them here https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/SeanLeonardArt A3 €15+ A4 €11+
  3. sleonard0

    Sketchy People

    I'm getting better Follow my work on twitter and instagram @seanleonardart Cheers
  4. sleonard0

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 31-Feb 1 2017)

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155031002034914&id=108803784913 this guy looks a right merk fam !!
  5. sleonard0

    Sketchy People

    New Steven Gerrard Portrait
  6. sleonard0

    Captions needed for new issue...

    The players embrace a succesfull Aly Cissokho pass
  7. sleonard0

    Help with Luis Suarez Portrait

    Something like this would be perfect....but this image is too small to work from
  8. Hi folks I'm thinking of doing a portrait of Suarez but finding it difficult to get a good quality picture of him Looking for one in celebration mode If any off yee could help or recommend a picture to do, please post it here. Any help would be appreciated cheers
  9. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    Yeah i posted a few Liverpool related ones on the FF last year under the thread Sketchy People Im on facebook aswell https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sean-Leonard-Art/87349640582
  10. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    Fingers crossed...Would be brilliant to have an exhibition
  11. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    nope working full time in retail. Did a degree course in animatio but never followed it up. Portrait work is just a hobby really
  12. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    So I won the competition The Peoples Choice Award 2013. Found out today so thanks a million to the guys who voted for me. Can anyone changed the dpi on this from 72 to 300 for me? maybe thats not even possible to do heres the image
  13. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    Thanks again lads. I'll let yee know how I get on Voting closes at 12 tonight
  14. sleonard0

    vote for my Artwork

    I cover the whole face in a light pencil first of all then build on it from there. I used 3 different pencils but mostly used an 8b. Never used an eraser until the very end.