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  1. Just now, rubble-rouser said:

    Shit. I’m just to young to remember having seen him but my dad (who now has Parkinson’s himself) raves on him. Integral part of Paisley’s early success. 

    He’d suffered with that disease for many years - I remember hearing him speaking about it probably about 30 years ago. Very sad. 

    My Dad's just been diagnosed with it too. Ray was a brilliant player, very sad that he suffered for so long. I loved that interview when Paisley spoke about him saying he was the player all the coaches asked about.

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  2. We went to our first gig since January 2020 last night in the Town Hall in Galway. They had vaccine certification checks at the door and compulsory mask wearing throughout but it was worth all of it to hear live music.

    We saw The Lost Brothers with Irish music legend Donal Lunny (Planxty, Moving Hearts etc) and it was an incredible show. The Lost Brothers are an Everly Brothers style duo, brilliant song-writing and harmonies but Donal Lunnys bouzouki playing elevated it so much.



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